The days are getting shorter. The leaves have changed. We have even had snow already. I love this time of year where things are changing quickly.

For Denice (my wife) and me, the entire year was filled with change. I have a new job. Denice is giving hers up. The kids are moving through school in an orderly fashion. There are changes all the time.

I am happy to say that our love of Philmont has not changed. From our years working at the ranch to our visits now with our kids, it has been a huge part of our lives.

We are pleased that the PSA allows us to keep this connection alive. We are happy that the PSA does great things for Philmont through gifts like scholarships and buildings. We know that these programs cost money and are pleased we can do our part to support them.

Join with us and help the PSA afford the programs that do great thing for Philmont. Donate now to help insure we can give more scholarships next year than we did this year. The PSA cannot do anything without the help of our members. We cannot do anything without you.

Thanks for your membership and your financial support.

Scott Toney
VP Membership

Leaf image courtesy of shadowmom9