He likes to remind us that he is now a ‘Rayado Man’.

Jack is 16 years old, and perhaps your typical teenage boy. He loves basketball, basketball shoes, anything Star Wars, and would be playing a lot of X-Box, if there was one in the house. This past summer he had the opportunity to go on a Rayado trek. As his parents, we were hopeful that he would be successful, though admittedly a bit nervous about whether he would be up for the challenge. He did not follow the training regimen recommended by Philmont prior to his trek. In addition, despite urging from his mother about breaking in his old boots, he insisted that he would be fine, proclaiming, “I never had any blisters during my Mt. Man Trek last year.”

Alas, he started his Rayado adventure on July 18th, and was pulled off the trail on the 4th day for an ingrown toenail, and a second time for severe blisters. When later seeing the photos of his feet, it was amazing that he was so anxious to get back out on the trail with his crew, and only missed a couple days. His perseverance through the pain we know was a character building experience that impacted his summer…and undoubtedly his Rayado experience will positively impact Jack well into the future. Similarly, our opportunity to give to Philmont may have some immediate benefits but will also have long reaching benefits to future staff and participants. I appreciate knowing that my contributions to Philmont and the Annual Fund have the potential to produce positive, long lasting impacts on todays youth.

Amy Boyle
Western Region Director

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