Last weekend the sky was a deep blue as we hiked out of the woods of Copper Park on the way to the summit of Baldy. I spent a few minutes letting my senses remember the feel of the forest, the smell of the pines as we made our way upward. For a minute, I jumped back in time to 39 years earlier when as a young Ranger I guided crews in this very area of the Ranch. That is the magic of Philmont. We all have vivid memories of special times and places spent there. Through the PSA we are fortunate to get the chance to relive a little of that magic with treks, day hikes, reunions and service opportunities.

As members of the PSA, we can keep the uniqueness of Philmont alive for others to discover by our financial support. I encourage each of you to make your donation to the Annual Fund so the PSA can continue to grow. Thank you for being a valued member.

From the top of Baldy I could see back across the Ranch and realized just how great a gift Waite Phillips made to the BSA and all of us. As we hiked slowly down back into the pines I remembered something Mark Anderson had quoted from Mr. Phillips earlier that morning…”These properties are donated and dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America for the purpose of perpetuating faith—self reliance—integrity—freedom.”

John Murphy, VP Development

Philmont Staff 1972-74

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