Some people might call it a little crazy, but my family gets up very early on the day after Thanksgiving to shop the sales. We pore over the ads the night before and set up our route in search of items of value. We are just like that. We love a deal. We have been tucking money away for this day, and what I have found is that it is not only the bargains we seek, but the time together.

We also have been tucking away some money for the PSA Annual Fund. The value of the work Philmont and the PSA do is tremendous. The opportunity to change the lives of young people, both participants and staff, is a return well beyond my investment. With 2 sons in college, I can truly appreciate the costs these kids have in paying for their education. I am so pleased that the PSA was able to award scholarships to 32 staff this fall! I wish it could be more. I really hope that soon we can help more of the staff.

So often the items we bring home from our frenzied bargain hunting last for 2, 3, maybe 5 years, but the benefit from my Annual Fund contribution lasts a lifetime. I urge you to look at the Annual Fund as an investment in Philmont and people that make it great.

Cathy Hubbard
Central Region Director

OKMall photo courtesy of b24chicago.