It’s cold and has snowed in my neighborhood already, not enough to shovel. 2011 is almost done, where did the time go?

It often happens to me without expecting it. Every other month, High Country magazine arrives. What a great surprise! I have to stop what I am doing and do a quick review, then make sure I read it later that night, cover to cover. Keeping up on Philmont current events and hearing some great tales, like melting a Dutch oven, brings me back to wonderful times in my Scouting career. I can’t explain why, but Philmont has a special place in my heart. I’m betting yours too, that’s why we belong to the PSA.

High Country is just one of the neat things about the PSA. Getting back to the Ranch is another special one, for a PSA Annual Reunion or a PSA Trek. It’s an opportunity that not everyone has. I know not everyone can make it, but I suggest that you put it on your Bucket List. Bring the family and see the Ranch again. This summer’s reunion at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp was special for me. I enjoyed seeing the Ranch in full swing. This year’s Reunion was held in the shadow of the Tooth of Time, with the smell of pine trees all around, really made me appreciate the opportunity the PSA gives to its members.

I urge you to join me in contributing to this year’s PSA Annual Fund. Times may be hard, but if you could find it in your Scout spirit to give something, anything, the PSA and I would appreciate your generosity.

Ray Czech
PSA Secretary

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