In a world that seems to be spinning off its axis, it’s good to know that there is still a place where priorities are rightly ordered; where people live by a code based in an understanding of right relationships – with our creator, our environment, each other, ourselves; where our personal “coming of age” came in the company of other remarkable people whose lives influenced ours, often in ways not evident to us for years to come.

Philmont is that place. And now, perhaps more than at any time in recent memory, it needs our help.

In addition to the normal needs that the Ranch deals with every day, the recent major wind damage has forced a re-allocation of resources, a triage of sorts. As resources are shifted from operations to repair and maintenance, more pressure is added to already-stressed operating budgets. Sources of external support, such as the PSA’s capital campaign and annual fund, become even more important than they usually are.

So, while we continue our multi-year efforts on the capital campaign, we need your help with the annual fund now, more than ever before. Others have explained the uses of our funds in support of the Ranch and the PSA, and you know of the many good things we have done and are doing. Difficult as the times are for all of us, don’t assume that someone else will step up; without your financial assistance, we simply can’t continue to do the things that need doing.

In many ways, I think of Philmont as filling the contemporary role once filled by the cloistered monasteries of the Middle Ages – keeping the truth alive in a world of darkness and chaos until the day when the world was once again ready to embrace it. Please help us help Philmont by supporting as generously as you can, the PSA’s 2011 annual fund.

Ed Pease, Past President

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Photo courtesy of foroyar22