Life has a nasty habit of dragging us away from Cimarron and the friends and adventures of Philmont.

For most of us the only way back is through the Philmont Staff Association. It might be a reunion, or the High Country, or an e-mail from Randy or Doug that sparks a memory of a trail, or a vista, or a sadly forgotten tent-mate. But thanks to the PSA, we are for at least a moment back in God’s Country.

I have always told anyone that asked that while everything we did and do at Philmont is important, the best part of my time at the Philmont Training Center was serving with the young and not so young people on the PTC staff. Working, hiking, camping, eating, and living together for the summer, we have close, important friendships that last to this day – and will last forever. Even if our only visit is at a PSA reunion.

I urge you to participate in the PSA’s Annual Fund. The Fund makes sure that the PSA is able to continue to do the things, and so much more, to bring us back to Philmont in reality and in our thoughts. It also helps keep the dues low so that all of those who have done what we have done can keep those memories alive.

Give until it feels good!

Mark Griffin
National Director

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