Mrs. Virginia Phillips, Elliot (Chope) Phillips’ wife and Silver Sage awardee, passed away December 21st. The PSA extends our condolences to Julie, John, Chope and the entire Phillips family.

Memorial services for Virginia will be held 10:30 am, Friday, December 23 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church located at 1601 South Georgia Street, Amarillo, Texas.

In lieu of flowers, memorials in honor of Virginia can be sent to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Scholarship Endowment, 1515 S. Georgia Street, Amarillo, TX 79102 or your favorite charity.

From the Boxwell Brothers’ obituary:

Virginia was born on October 24, 1922 in Vernon, Texas.  Memories of growing up and going to school in the Vernon area included moving in with her aunt and seven cousins following the death of her mother when she was quite young.  It also was there that she grew to appreciate the vast new worlds reading could open for one with access to books.  A kind judge, who was a friend of her father, allowed this curious young girl to borrow books from his extensive library.  Consequently, she read many books about topics that were not common to everyday life in a rural area, and in doing so, developed an ongoing quest for knowledge that characterized her throughout a full life that made a difference in the world.