Philmont radio ringtones support the PSA’s Seasonal Staff Scholarships, the money we give a recipient’s college to pay for their education. You can directly contribute to those scholarships in two easy steps: download a ringtone and then make a donation.

These Philmont radio ringtones feature Mark Anderson, long-time Unit 2 himself, making radio calls to Philmont’s staff camps. Below are the first five ringtones for the iPhone and other phones. We have many more camps and will be releasing them in batches throughout the spring.



Most Phones (mp3):
Most web browsers will automatically play MP3 ringtones when you click them. That’s a great way to hear them before you download them. To download them to your computer (not phone), right-click and choose “Save target as…”, “Save link as…” or similar.

Added 3/25:

Added 4/25:

iPhones (m4r):
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Added 3/25:

Added 4/25:



Now that you’ve downloaded your ringtone you’ve got two options for donating: our normal store or your PayPal account. In both cases you set the amount of your donation. You heard that right, you get to choose how much these ringtones are worth to you by choosing how much you give to the Seasonal Staff Scholarships.

You could choose to download any or all of the ringtones and then give nothing at all, but we hope you’ll give a couple bucks for each ringtone you download and use.

With our PSA store you need to set your value by increasing the quantity (donations are in $1 increments). With PayPal you can set the amount to anything you’d like.

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You can get the original Philmont Hymn ringtone which inspired these as well.

Note: These ringtone files are provided with no instructions for installing on your particular model of phone or carrier. Please check your phone’s instructions or Google for information on transferring ringtones to your phone and setting them for use. Though we might like to do so, the PSA cannot provide instructions or help installing these ringtones.