The Reunion Committee is excited to announce an addition to the program for the PSA Reunion at Tulsa October 26 – 28. Kanbar Properties, owner of the Philcade, has stated that it will provide Reunion attendees with a tour of Waite Phillips’ penthouse atop the Philcade.

The Philcade penthouse is where Waite and Genevieve Phillips resided after they gifted Philbrook to the citizens of Tulsa for an art museum. The Philcade is directly across the street from the Philtower and the Philcade is considered to be one of Tulsa’s finest examples of art deco architecture.

The walking tour conducted by the PSA’s Steve Ramsay, Chief of Security at Philbrook, will fill you in on the history of the Philtower and Philcade.

We have a wrinkle with the tours of Waite Phillips’ office – the restoration may not be finished by the time of the Reunion.

Mat Brainerd, Chairman of Brainerd Chemical and lessee and restorer of the offices, reports that the wall and floor tiles, critical to the restoration, have not yet been received. Until recently Mr. Brainerd could not find someone to faithfully reproduce the tiles so they would look exactly the same as in Waite Phillips’ day. That problem has now been solved. The tiles are slated to be delivered by October 1 and if that happens, the restoration will be completed just in time and the PSA will be the first to see the restoration. If the tiles do not arrive on time, Mr. Brainerd will give us a tour in which he will explain the history of the offices, and the challenges of the restoration.

Either way, you will be in Waite Phillips’ offices and it will be interesting.

The penthouse tours and office tours will run simultaneously. The tours will be run in shifts and, as the event draws near, we will be asking you for your preferred tour time slots. You should be able to do both tours.

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