philtowerIt was great to see so many PSA members in Tulsa for the annual reunion. We were treated to personal tours of Waite Phillips’ former office and his home, now the Museum of Art for the City of Tulsa. Philmont was created through his charity and to have the opportunity to see where Mr. Phillips lived and worked was truly a gift in itself. The PSA is all about giving back to the Ranch. Our Annual Fund provides the money necessary to make that happen.

With the year winding down we encourage each of you to make your donation to the Annual Fund so the PSA can continue to serve. Our goal is $72,000 and we are only halfway there! Help us make that goal with a cash donation.

If you like, join our 19.73 Club where your gift can be paid out monthly over the course of the year. 72 members do that already!

Contact Randy Saunders at 575-376-1138 to become a 19.73 Club member. You can also contribute to the Annual Fund or become a 19.73 Club member online.

Thank you for your generosity.

John Murphy, VP Development