philbrook elevationA few weeks back I had the chance to go to Tulsa for the PSA annual reunion. It was great. Fantastic venues, great history, fun fellowship, old friends, and new friends (not to mention a weekend away from the kids with my lovely wife) made the weekend memorable.

The highlight for me was walking the grounds of Waite and Genevieve Phillips’ other house, the Philbrook. Think of the Villa, with fewer mountains, more square feet, and more formal gardens (no offense Fred). It is now an art museum operated by the city of Tulsa.

What struck me most was the fact that Waite and Genevieve gave it away. They gave the BSA Philmont. They gave the BSA the Philtower. And they gave Tulsa the Philbrook. I am in awe of their generosity.
As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I am thankful for that generosity. Beyond that, I aspire to do in small part something like Waite and Genevieve Phillips did for the BSA, the city of Tulsa, and on some level for me (and everyone else that has ever hike the trails of the ranch).

I don’t have the means to do what Waite and Genevieve did. Despite that, I am thankful that through the PSA I can continue the legacy of giving that they inspire. I am proud that I can make a financial contribution to aid the people and the place that is Philmont.

I hope you join me in supporting the PSA and in turn Philmont. I am thankful to get to do so. I bet you will be as well. And the Phillips would be proud of us to boot!

Scott Toney
VP Membership

So far, 259 donors have given $41,320 to date. That’s 57.3% of our $72,000 goal by 11/30. Please help us reach it by donating now, joining the 19.73 Club, or learning more…

PS. On another giving note, the PSA Scholarship fund raising calendar is ready for pre-order. Give it as a gift (to someone you know or to yourself) and you give to PSA Seasonal Staff Scholarships. This is just another way to share and help the PSA give back to the folks that make the program possible. If you order by December 1, you will have yours by Christmas!