Have you spent any time in the Philmont Museum-Seton Memorial Library?

Since 1967, thousands of Philmont participants, staff and visitors have enjoyed the exhibits, books and art found in the Philmont Museum-Seton Memorial Library. Some of you may have learned something new, retrieved an old memory or found inspiration to pursue an interest. However, some of you discovered that much needed piece of information, helping you succeed with creating your dissertation, book, article, report or documentary.

Who are you? We want to know!

As Philmont’s 75th anniversary rapidly approaches we are interested in the many ways the Philmont Museum has impacted your life. If you have utilized artifacts, literature or other records found in the Philmont Museum-Seton Memorial Library to help achieve your MA, MS, PhD or other educational and scholarly goals we’d like to hear from you.

Please contact the Philmont Museum Director at: [email protected] or 575-376-1136.