chicken and eggAs General Manager of Philmont, I have the opportunity to travel around the country and talk about the history, the programs, the participants, and the staff of this great place. A lot of BSA councils are looking for ways to improve their fund raising, their public awareness, their programs, and be successful. I share with them one of the ways that Philmont does all of these. That is through a successful alumni association: the Philmont Staff Association, which I am proud to be a life member. The PSA is an integral part of our operation providing funds for staff recruitment, training, and capital improvements that benefit our participants and staff.

During my 10 plus years here at Philmont, I have seen and heard of many stories that are meaningful, life changing, encouraging, inspirational and influenced by our seasonal staff—many of whom are PSA members.

One such experience I witnessed in 2004 at Rich Cabin shows how our staff provides life changing experiences. A crew from Detroit made up of inner city youth arrived about mid-afternoon. After setting up camp, they came up to the cabin for a tour and do program. One 14 year old named Bobby was in awe of the livestock: pigs, chickens, cows, etc. As he was chasing a chicken, the chicken decided to take a squat and pop out an egg. Bobby went nuts! He yelled, “I can’t wait to get back home and tell Mom where eggs come from. She will never buy an egg again!” I saw Bobby a few more times during his trek and the stories he collected I am sure kept his mother in stitches for weeks after his return.

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John Clark
Philmont General Manager

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Chicken photo courtesy of mazaletel at Flickr