tooth sunsetI think I have been a member of the PSA for about 13 years. I didn’t even know it existed until my Phil-tent-mate Jim Thomas sent me a life membership, but since then I have faithfully given to the Annual Fund. I love the idea of a group that raises almost all of its operating budget from an appeal only to members every year. It means that if we don’t think the PSA is worth supporting—it ceases to exist. Pretty rare these days—most non-profits have other means to keep them running but not us.

Are we stupid?

Why do we run the PSA like this?

We aren’t stupid, but maybe crazy. We are crazy enough to believe that our members, in addition to paying annual dues, will write checks to keep the PSA going and growing. This keeps our dues low, our budgets pretty tight, and our Board accountable to our membership. It has even worked out every year since we started it. So if you are just crazy enough to believe in us—and the power of our mission to support the people, place and programs that are Philmont—drop us a check or click on our “donate here” button—make a difference today!

Jim Lynch

Please help us reach it by donating now, joining the 19.73 Club, or learning more…

Tooth Sunset photo courtesy of past PSA Executive Director Michele Allen