philmont mapI’m sitting here writing to you on the Monday after Thanksgiving. The leftovers are (more or less) gone and is nice to shift back into gear after a long weekend with family and friends, giving thanks. One of the things I did this weekend was finish (more or less) unpacking into a new house. One of the first things I did in my new home was to put up my Philmont Wall Map. It is surrounded by images from HOmE: Dawn Chandler’s Tooth of Time print, Jag McLaughlin’s photo of Baldy, an old laminated illustrated map that denotes the original boundaries of Waite Phillips’ gift of Philturn.

I am thankful for that gift. It changed my life.

I know you are thankful for it too—and I know it changed your life.

As we turn from a time of Thanksgiving to a season of giving I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Philmont Staff Association.

One of the unique things about Philmont is the people—all of us—who have come together as strangers every year for nearly 75 years and left as life-long friends. The PSA celebrates that friendship, and helps insure that others will be able to hike again in our footsteps along the creeks and peaks of that magical land. We do that through scholarships for staff and camperships for special programs like Rayado and ROCS, our award-winning High Country magazine and an amazing website (have you gotten your 87714 items yet?), support for BIG THINGS at the Ranch and regular activities for the staff who make that magic live every summer (and all year long)…

It is a wonderful thing to do.

Please join me with your gift—any amount will help us reach our goal of $72,000—and we are already more than half way there!

Thank you in advance, and I hope to see you on the trails!

Yours in Misty Mountains,

Joe Leisz
“The Schmoe”
Ranger, 1992-95

Please help us reach it by donating now, joining the 19.73 Club, or learning more…