post_MemberDirDownload them from our Members’ Area.

This is a great time to do two things:

Check and Update Your Contact Information

The Main Directory contains the contact information we have for you as of 2/8/2013. If you find mistakes or missing information you can update that from the “Make corrections or changes to this data” link on the Members Area. We will update our database as soon as we can; we will refresh these directories somewhat later after a reasonable period of time–this isn’t as automated as you’d think. Also, be aware that the PSA Newsletter uses a different database entirely; if you update your email with us in one place it will not update it in the other (sorry).

Find out Who Lives Near You

One of the things I love about putting these together is finding out who lives where or how many people live in a place I’ve never heard of. I think you’ll maybe find some surprises once you find your name in the Location Directory. Maybe it’s time to have that local reunion after all or maybe just a small gathering at a watering hole in your neck of the woods.