mausoleumEver wanted to do something important,but waited to fill out the papers or send in a deposit or an RSVP? Then it was too late? Ever met a scout that didn’t go to Philmont as a youth because he was “on the fence”? That scout doesn’t know what he missed.

If you are even thinking about attending the “Celebration of the lives of Genevieve and Waite Phillips”, why not sign up today?

By being there, you will be part of a potentially a once in a life time experience that less than two hundred of us will experience.

Hotel space and general spots available are filling rapidly. We are now 33% full and growing daily.

It is accounted for that Genevieve and Waite Phillips gave up to half of everything they earned to others. Philmont was part of the treasures that the Phillips family gave away.

This coming winter, January 31 and February 1, 2014, is your chance to say thanks. Come to Los Angeles and celebrate the Phillips lives with the PSA!

Join us for a weekend you’ll always remember. Take care of business now, and sign up today.

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