mausoleumSome of us have not been back to Philmont since the last time we saw the Tooth of Time in our rear-view mirror. Some have been back every year since, and some just once or twice. We’ve shown our family Philmont. We’ve been on treks with our daughters and sons. Many of us now even have offspring that are employed there. We’ve thrown our chests forward and demonstrated Phil-pride all of our lives. We’ve made connections with people in little towns across America just by someone noticing the license plate holder on the front of our pick up.

We often think of the ranch, our friends, our fellow staff folk, even the names of some campers or advisors.

But how often do we stop and think for just one minute…that it was all because of Genevieve and Waite Phillips?

It is accounted for that Genevieve and Waite Phillips gave up to half of everything they earned to others. Philmont was part of the treasures that the Phillips family gave away.

This coming winter, January 31 and February 1, 2014, is your chance to say thanks. It’s your, perhaps “once in a lifetime” (really) opportunity to honor Genevieve and Waite Philips like never before and perhaps never again in at least your lifetime. Come to Los Angeles and celebrate the Phillips lives with the PSA.

Join us for a weekend you’ll always remember. Don’t wait. Admit it, you want to do this!

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