Join us for the First Annual Southwest Ohio PSA Reunion in Ohio’s Queen City.

On Saturday, August 10 we will open the reunion at the Honeysuckle Shelter, in Cincinnati’s Sharonwood Park (see at 11:00 with a pot luck picnic lunch and fellowship.

After lunch you are on your own to rent a rowboat at Sharonwood Lake in the park, hike the Sharonwood interpretive trails, or visit the Freedom Center downtown (and just three blocks from the stadium).

We will meet for dinner at the Moerlien Lager House, just across the street from the Great American Ball Park (also known to the locals as the Great American Launching Pad).


Stadium picture courtesy of Dave R

After dinner, we will attend the hopefully division leading Cincinnati Reds vs. the San Diego Padres. Starting pitcher TBA.

We will conclude our reunion with a brunch at First Watch Restaurant on Montgomery Road, at 9:30 AM.

RSVP with the events you may attend, to Joe Parker (Ranger’66 and CD Porcupine’ 67-Yes, Porcupine was staffed then) email: [email protected]