From the moment you first set foot on Philmont, you’ve had a connection with Genevieve and Waite Phillips. That connection has grown stronger with time. You also feel a debt of gratitude for their gift of Philmont – a gift which changed your life and the lives of nearly one million campers.


You’ve always wanted to thank them for their gift and now you have that opportunity when you attend the Celebration of the Lives of Genevieve and Waite Phillips January 31, and February 1, 2014 in Los Angeles. The gates of the Phillips mausoleum at Westwood Cemetery will be opened. You will stand before the two people who made Philmont possible, and leave your own mental or written note of gratitude. It will be a powerful experience — an experience not likely to ever be made available again.

Some Los Angeles Philmont-bound Scouts begin their trail to Philmont by visiting the Phillips mausoleum first. You didn’t have the opportunity to begin your trail to Philmont at the mausoleum, but there’s no reason the trail cannot be done in reverse. You want to do this trail.

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