Earlier this year Randy Saunders and I traveled to Los Angeles to begin planning the Celebration of the Lives of Waite and Genevieve Phillips January 31 and February 1, 2014.

post_MausoleumGateWhile there, we visited the Phillips mausoleum. With permission of the family, we were permitted to unlock the heavy wrought iron and glass doors, and with some muscle, coaxed the doors open, and there we stood in the presence of the two persons who changed our lives, your lives, the lives of nearly one million campers, and the lives of the millions of people with which each of the aforesaid have come into contact.

The experience was awesome—in the most majestic and powerful way this word can be used.

When you attend the Celebration, those mausoleum doors will be opened, you will stand before the Phillips and you too will experience and celebrate the awesome.

Registration cut-off is January 5, 2014.

Full details and to register.