Without embellishing, not a day goes by without some thought of Philmont: her ruggedness, her friends, my friends, my time, my learning, my wife, my sons, my appreciation for the life experiences I encountered. It just doesn’t happen…ever.

I know these thoughts are not unique to me. There have got to be thousands of former staffers like myself that go through a similar process.

So let me ask, “Are you like me? Do you think about Philmont every day?”

When you have those thoughts, do they make you happy? Do they put you in a better place for that minute? For longer?

post_AF_MascittiFamilyObviously, this is a great time of year to give thanks. It’s also a great time–through that reflection of your time at the Ranch–to make a gift back to her. Why not do it now as you complete reading this? You know it will feel good, and guess what? The next time you take a minute to reflect–probably tomorrow–you’ll think about your gift and the impact that it makes on the Ranch and, equally important, the impact it has made on you.

Jason (Mort) Mascitti (75-81 Staff)

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In the photo from left to right:
Julie Huiras(80-82), Jason Mascitti, Marco Mascitti, Evan Mascitti, and dog, Springer (recently passed away).