post_AF_MtTrekRangers1997“He threw the other kid’s watch down the latrine”. These were the words that greeted me when I went to see how my Mountain Trek Rangers were getting on with a young crew. I wasn’t excited to hear the latest development in crew dynamics, but the rangers and I figured out a suitable response (and no, we did not make the kid retrieve the watch!) and the trek ended on a good note.

Over the years, I have had many laughs with those rangers about the incident! One of the rangers stopped by when I lived in the United Kingdom, and the other one lives in my neighborhood. Working at Philmont truly blesses you with many wonderful friends for a lifetime. The Philmont Staff Association provides opportunities to rekindle and sustain those friendships through treks, day hikes, reunions, and service opportunities.

As members of the PSA, we can help these good works continue through our financial support. Your donation will help the PSA continue to grow, and to support current staff through projects such as the new staff lounge and educational scholarships. You have a wonderful opportunity to do something this year – don’t throw it down the latrine!

Anne Marie Pinkenburg
Philmont Staff 1992-1997

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