post_AF_PhilTrekWe all worked at Philmont – right? We all have great memories – right? Philmont was life changing – right? Well, the past was fantastic, but for me, the PSA is everything taking place now – today. The reunions, annual meetings, the PSA treks, helping with the capital campaign, adopting a camp via the Amigos program, New Years Eve, attending special events. The list goes on. Heck, if I hadn’t worked at Philmont, I think I’d submit a special appeal to somehow become a PSA member.

Most of these activities I’ve listed are for personal enjoyment. There’s so much to be gained by being a member of the PSA. But, on top of all these rewards, we only need to look at the PSA Mission and Vision statements to quickly realize that our personal gain is quickly overshadowed by the PSA’s contribution to Philmont. We get great perks and help Philmont at the same time. It’s that simple. What a deal!

post_AF_BaldyInSnowYour financial support to the Annual Fund keeps this PSA deal in operation. It allows these events to continue and provides a base for the PSA’s future growth. I strongly encourage you to make your donation today. Strengthen the deal.

Please help us reach it by donating now, joining the 19.73 Club, or learning more…