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Another season at Philmont is right around the corner, and again I bring my request for former staffers to volunteer to befriend a staff group at Philmont this summer. Hiring is nearly complete, camps and trails are being prepared, and the winter moisture is being assessed.

Some big changes at the Ranch include the opening of Metcalf Station Camp in the north, and itineraries that will pass through the Chase Ranch lands.

I will be taking requests for staff groups beginning earlier this year in hopes of covering more groups. I will open up on March 15 (Saturday), and will continue to fill groups until they are all taken (I hope..).

Groups available are: Ranger Training Crews, Backcountry Camps, Horse Department, Conservation, Base camp staff: Activities, Welcome Center, Logistics, News and Photo, Chaplains, Health Lodge, Dining Hall, Administration and Trading Post. PTC staff: Administration, Program Staff, COPE, Seton Museum, Villa Staff and Handicrafts.

If you or your group are interested please email me at [email protected], or contact me through the Philstaff Facebook page. I will need your first and second choices, an email, and any other information that you deem important.

Expectations are that you connect with your staff group early in the season, and send appropriate care packages and letters throughout the summer. I will be available to you with information as I receive it.

Thank you so much for helping these staffers enjoy their summer even more!