Date: Saturday, May 31st, 2014
Location: St Francis Church Family Life Center
Address: 861 Wildwood Ln, Grapevine, TX

post_2014NorthTXReunionWhen you walk into the PSA reunion on Saturday May 31st in Grapevine, TX, you will walk into a Disneyland of Scouting history. “Every Patch Tells a Story” of our Scouting legacy and every Scouter is a librarian. Thousands of patches will be on hand.

The 2014 North Texas PSA Reunion is a fund raiser benefiting the PSA staff scholarships so our finest Scouts can help bring that treasured Philmont experience to every 2014 attendee.

To give you an idea about our plans May 31st, we are designing a fun event for Philmont staffers, their families, members of 2014 Philmont contingents or anyone who has ever dreamed Philmont:

  • Philmont One Millionth Camper Patch sets: sales benefit the PSA Staff Scholarship Fund. There are only 30 full sets of 5 patches @ $35 each with all funds over cost benefiting Staff Scholarship funds. If you can’t make it to our PSA North Texas Reunion, a black border One Million Camper patch is available for $4 each. Please email John Ryan at [email protected] for more info on our special issue 2014 patches.
  • Philmont memorabilia and Philmont contingent patch displays
  • PSA reunion luncheon 11:30 am (benefiting PSA staff scholarships): all luncheon purchasers receive a red border One Million Camper patch.
  • A free collectible patch for every Scout under 18 attending May 31st. Youth Auction free patch giveaway. Your Scout (under 18) can learn about our shared heritage, learn about value and learn about patch trading rules and then we give away 400 + patches in a game
  • Scouts Only (18 and under) 1-For-1 Trading Table: all Scouts can bring their own patches, and if they see something on the table they want, they can put one of their patches on the table for one patch they want from the table.
  • PSA members and/or groups: We have a few side rooms we can dedicate to specific Philmont alumni who would like to meet as a group. A purple border One Million Camper patch is available for PSA members. Please contact John Ryan for availability.

There are still a few activities we are working on to make this an enjoyable time for you so we hope you mark it on your calendars to swing by Saturday May 31st.

For more information on the PSA reunion schedule, availability for the PSA Staff Scholarship patches or the activities available for PSA members: or contact PSA reunion co-host John Corpany [email protected] or overall event host John Ryan [email protected]

Note: The 2014 North Texas PSA Reunion is part of a weekend event called the Lone Star Trade-O-Ree. This fund raiser event began in 1988 as a fund raiser to help OA Scouts who would not normally be able to go to Philmont see their dream become reality. Through the years, our annual fund raising event has helped Scouts from 20 Troops, 3 Scout Councils and 2 Countries experience Philmont on a Trek, Cavalcade, Kanik adventure or provide a program for the NCCS Conference at the Philmont Training Center. The Staff of the annual Lone Star Trade-O-Ree are proud to join efforts with the Philmont Staff Association to provide Staff Scholarship Funds.