Dear PSA Members,

I would like to share with you some of the accomplishments of the Philmont Staff Association for 2014.

  • 2014-AccomplishmentsOur membership grew to over 3,000 members for the first time and we finished the year with a 5% growth over 2013. We have 1,541 life members, which accounts for over half of our membership.
  • We achieved our goal of raising 1.4 million dollars for Campaign 4 Philmont. This feat allows us to fully fund the campaign’s four projects that help support and improve Philmont.
  • Seasonal staff scholarship were awarded to 62 recipients for a total of $50,500.
  • Rayado and ROCS scholarships were presented to 22 participants, future Philmont staffers.
  • The Staff Amigos program continues to provide a connection between former staff and current staff.
  • On January 31st the PSA held an event in Westwood to celebrate the lives of Waite and Genevieve Phillips. Over 120 people attended the event, including members of the Phillips family.
  • Another successful reunion and trek took place at Philmont during the summer. 20 people also participated in the Autumn Adventure trek.
  • Bound annual editions of the High Country became available 2014, Let the Coyotes Howl was reintroduced with a new introduction and afterward written by David Caffey.
  • The Annual Fund drive was a success with 112% of goal being raised.

Let us not forget the passing of our Philmont friends and family in 2014, we miss their presence and know that they will continue to be with us on the trail.

Thank you to all of our members and friends who continue to support HOmE through the Philmont Staff Association, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you in 2015!

Randy Saunders, PSA Executive Director