As part of the next High Country Conservation Special Issue, we’re seeking brief personal essays on how Philmont has shaped people’s lives and connections to the land. We’re especially interested in essays of approximately 750 words that respond to either of these prompts:

One: How has Philmont shaped your connection to the world around you? We hope that these essays collectively reveal how the magic of Philmont transcends the ranch and influences our connections to the land, as well as to each other.

Two: What role did Philmont play in guiding you to a career in a conservation-related profession? We hope that these essays illuminate the diverse impacts Philmont has had on people’s live and career choices—be they rooted in natural resource management, environmental education, firefighting, etc. Through these essays, we also want to expose the Philmont community to the range of conservation activities that people with a connection to the ranch are engaged in throughout the world.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in sharing your story, please email Mike Sudmeier at [email protected] for additional details.