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The Executive Director position description from The Philmont Staff Association bylaws…


1. Qualifications and Selection

The Board of Directors will determine the qualifications for, and the process to select, an Executive Director. The Board shall review the Executive Director’s performance and compensation at least annually.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

Generally, the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director are to:

a. direct the daily activities of the Association, including managing its day-to-day financial operations, overseeing all aspects of membership services, assist in coordination of special events and projects, and supervise other Association employees in accomplishing these tasks;

b. provide administrative support to the Board and the Association’s committees;

c. provide direction and assistance for all of the Association’s published materials, including the Association’s newsletter and website, membership directory, brochures and mailings to members;

d. serve as an associate editor of the Association’s newsletter and provide assistance to the editor in ensuring timely publication at least bi-monthly;

e. be responsible for ordering and inventorying all merchandise related to the Association;

f. consider the needs and desires of the membership while working to ensure that any transactions fall within both the operating budget and the annual operating plan;

g. support, contribute to, and help to implement the Association’s long range strategic plan;

h. support and help fundraising efforts;

i. serve as ambassador of the PSA to current and potential members, donors, Philmont, the local community, and the Boy Scouts of America;

j. other duties as may be delegated by the Board or specified by contract.

3. Reporting and Direction

The Executive Director reports to the President while also taking direction from the Board and the Executive Committee.