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Annual Fund – One Vivid Memory

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Annual Fund, Giving

Note: In the early 1980’s, Julie Huiras served as a PTC Group Leader, Services Manager, and News & Information Service Manager (the office now known as Marketing and Photo Service). From 1975-1981, Jason “Mort” Mascitti was a Ranger, Backcountry PC and CD, and NIS manager. They married in 1988 and live in Madison, WI. Their two sons, Evan and Marco, have known Colfax County since childhood and hiked Philmont at reunions and as Scouts. Marco was a Philmont Ranger in 2013 and Bear Researcher during these recent two summers. Two of their Golden Retrievers were named Cimarron and Springer.

Like many of you, I think about Philmont every day.

One vivid memory is of an early PSA summer reunion held at the Ranch. It was in August, after Gather. Dawn Chandler, then PSA Executive Director, arranged for participants to descend on Ponil Camp for a couple days of camping and day hiking, then wrap it up with the South Ponil Trout Restoration project. Families welcome. Though school would start the day after returning to Madison, our little foursome signed up.

Youngsters were happy crossing log bridges, playing in the unexpected hailstorm, climbing boulders, observing trout close up, and learning about smellables while hanging the bear bag (Jim Thomas heeded that anyone under two years-old could be a smellable). At the campfire, kids sang along since they already knew most of the PhilSongs.

Adults were happy too. There was catching up and trail talk, crisscrossing decades, and the river’s nighttime lullaby. It was Angela’s birthday (she of the Foster-Hadaway dynasty) and though Angela and Bear were happily married and expecting a baby, she quietly mentioned a childhood dream of a Run With the Wind serenade by Doc Walker and the Philly Boys. Done.

My family’s love of the people and the place inspires us to invest in its future. Whether you choose the $19.73 Club (named for the founding year of the PSA) or make a one-time donation in any amount, your gift allows the PSA to keep all of us connected to God’s Country.

…or call Dollie in the PSA Office at 575-376-1138.

Julie Huiras Mascitti, Longtime Avid PSA Life Member