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2017 Annual Fund – John Murphy

by | Dec 31, 2017 | Annual Fund, Giving

Return to the Brand

It is the end of another year and I hope you were able to come out to Philmont to rekindle old memories, see friends from years past and visit the places that continue to stay fresh in your mind. The brand of Philmont is special and is there to remind us just how meaningful our time on staff was. As members of the PSA, we are so lucky to have two important things: a strong connection to the Ranch and a wonderful group of members. You are the reason why the PSA works hard year after year to publish the incredible magazine, High Country, offer treks, create events across the country, and keep the connection going.

When each of you worked at Philmont, whether in the backcountry, Camping Headquarters or PTC, you no doubt made friends that have enriched your life. I am always amazed when I see how strong the friendship bonds are between current and former staff.
It is all about relationships!

Thank you for being loyal members of the Philmont Staff Association, for supporting the organization with your gifts of friendship, service and money. It makes all the difference! I am proud to be associated with the PSA. It is a treasured part of my life. I hope each of you will return to the brand and keep the connection strong in 2018.

…or call Dollie in the PSA Office at 575-376-1138.

John Murphy
President – Philmont Staff Association

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In 2017 we exceeded our $75,000 goal by $5,820.