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2017 Annual Fund – Mariah Hughes

Dec 2017

Next year in July, it will be my 40th Philmont anniversary. That’s right, 40 years have passed since I met one of the great loves of my life on a 10-day trek with my Explorer post.

I believe in certain circles, this would be our crystal anniversary, but under the circumstances, I’ll settle for an igneous intrusion of dacite porphyry formed in the tertiary period some 22-40 million years ago….today! Happy birthday Tooth of Time!

But I digress.

Anyway, what started as a 10-day trek with my Explorer post at Philmont Scout Ranch turned into a lifelong connection to a magical stretch of mountains, and to the other people who spent their summers walking those New Mexico trails. In fact, I counted the other day – over half of my social media contacts are people I know because of the time I spent as a member of the Philmont staff.

I bet this is true for many Philmont staff alumni. While each of the friendships and memories we made at Philmont are unique, they have one thing in common; Philmont provided the backdrop that made so much of what we value possible.

Try as we might to stay connected, we are scattered across the country…indeed, across the world. But the good news is that the Philmont Staff Association gives us a way to gather back together!

The Philmont Staff Association continues to provide opportunities and outreach that connects staff alumni to Philmont friends both old and new. Each year, the PSA makes it possible for former staff to return HOmE for a summer, fall or winter trek. Members can attend a PSA reunion either at Philmont or in another region of the country. Those wanting an experience that allows them to give back to Philmont can sign up for a volunteer vacation. Or you can simply connect by sitting back in a comfy chair at home and read about what’s happening at Philmont in the PSA’s award-winning High Country magazine.

The PSA operates on a very small budget, thanks to the many volunteers that help organize and operate the organization throughout the year.  However, in order to continue to provide so many wonderful opportunities, we rely on the support of our members to help fund the day-to-day operations of the PSA.

As you count your blessings this holiday season, I hope you’ll count the Philmont Staff Association as one of them. I also hope that you’ll add a gift to the PSA’s annual fund to your Christmas list so the PSA can continue to provide a way for us to stay together this year and for many years to come.

Please click on this link to make your gift today! After all, what better time to make your donation than on the Tooth of Time’s Birthday?

…or call Dollie in the PSA Office at 575-376-1138.

Best wishes for a blessed holiday season,

Mariah Hughes
VP Development – Philmont Staff Association

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In 2017 we exceeded our $75,000 goal by $5,820.