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Building HOmE: $1 Million Pledged!

by | Mar 10, 2018 | Capital Campaign, Giving


You read that correctly, the pledges have reached the $1 million mark in just under two years from when the brochures first hit your mailbox.

As co-chairs of the Building HOmE: PSA Office and Philmont Museum Expansion Project capital campaign, and on behalf of the entire committee, we’d like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to all of the donors who have helped the PSA on our path to this wonderful trail marker on our trek to $1.5 million. To those of you who have not donated, or are waiting until just the right time to do so, now’s the time. We still have $500,000 to go to reach the end of our trek towards $1.5 million. Our PSA office building is close to being move-in ready, and work is progressing on the new Philmont museum which is scheduled to be open to Scouters for this camping season.

We aren’t back to Basecamp yet, but we’ve certainly reached the top of Shaefer’s Pass on our trek, and can see the end in sight! There will be ongoing updates as our trek progresses.

Again, thanks to the 500 people who have donated thus far to help in Building HOmE, we’re sure we’ll see plenty more names added to this list by the time we reach the end of our trail!

Mitch and Christine Standard
Co-chairs of the Building HOmE committee

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