2014 San Antonio Fiesta

It is Fiesta time in San Antonio—which means it is PSA regional reunion time!

Jim & Jane Lynch are hosting a PSA Fiesta at Casa de Lynch in San Antonio on April 26, 2014. Come join us at 12:00 noon and stay until 3:00pm for a reunion full of local flare. There will be Fiesta-themed decorations, Mexican food, swimming in the pool, and of course, lots of Philmont fellowship with former & current staff and their families. Bring your favorite Philmont photos and memories to share.

After the reunion, be sure to go downtown and see the Fiesta Flambeau Parade Saturday evening.post_SAFiesta2014 Come join the fun at 13715 Bluffrock, San Antonio TX 78216. When searching for directions, be sure to enter Bluffrock as one word. Casa de Lynch is near Bitters Road and Hwy 281, in north central San Antonio.

Bring your swim suit and towel for the pool.

Please RSVP at: [email protected]

Let’s Fiesta!

Annual Fund: Make a Difference Today

tooth sunsetI think I have been a member of the PSA for about 13 years. I didn’t even know it existed until my Phil-tent-mate Jim Thomas sent me a life membership, but since then I have faithfully given to the Annual Fund. I love the idea of a group that raises almost all of its operating budget from an appeal only to members every year. It means that if we don’t think the PSA is worth supporting—it ceases to exist. Pretty rare these days—most non-profits have other means to keep them running but not us.

Are we stupid?

Why do we run the PSA like this?

We aren’t stupid, but maybe crazy. We are crazy enough to believe that our members, in addition to paying annual dues, will write checks to keep the PSA going and growing. This keeps our dues low, our budgets pretty tight, and our Board accountable to our membership. It has even worked out every year since we started it. So if you are just crazy enough to believe in us—and the power of our mission to support the people, place and programs that are Philmont—drop us a check or click on our “donate here” button—make a difference today!

Jim Lynch

Please help us reach it by donating now, joining the 19.73 Club, or learning more…

Tooth Sunset photo courtesy of past PSA Executive Director Michele Allen

San Antonio Fiesta

It is Fiesta Time in San Antonio—so let’s have a PSA regional reunion.

Join El Presidente, Jim Lynch, and have a Fiesta reunion at the Casa de Lynch in San Antonio on April 28, 2012. Come at 11:30am and stay until 2:30pm so that you have time to get downtown and see the Fiesta Flambeau Parade. The PSA will furnish food, soft drinks, and a pool to swim in. Come join the fun at 13715 Bluff Rock, San Antonio TX 78216.

Please RSVP—at: [email protected]

Let’s Fiesta !!!

Thanks for the Annual Fund Again!

Thanks so much to all of you who supported your PSA this year with a gift to the annual fund. I know we switched our tactics from pinpoint to carpet bombing at the end of the year to get the drive in—but it is crucially important to your association. Unlike many organizations, the PSA has to raise almost its entire yearly operating budget each and every year. And we designed it that way on purpose. Crazy? Foolish? Maybe so, maybe so. But the PSA Board structured our fund raising that way to make your association more responsible to its membership. You vote every year with your checkbooks on how you feel the PSA is doing with its mission. Our goal this year was $84,000 and we raised a little over $87,000. Great work—work that supports the people, place and programs that ARE Philmont.

Some of the things we did with our funds over the last year that benefited the Ranch are:

  • Seasonal Staff Scholarships: $34,000
  • Program Scholarships (Rayado, ROCs, etc): $5,100
  • Philmont Staff Recruiting, Etc: $4,500
  • Publishing High Country: $27,000

We also supported a dozen regional reunions across the country, compiled and published a bi-annual report, the annual reunion, produced PSA merchandise, published the Philmont Ranger Book, and many other functions that keep our organization vibrant and growing.

Thanks so much for your support—the good news for 2012 is that the PSA Annual Fund goal is much lower only $72,000 –we are always looking for ways to support the ranch and at the same time running as lean an association as possible. Again, your PSA can only do what its membership supports—thanks for your dedication and generosity in supporting the people place and programs that are Philmont!


Jim Lynch, President

Photo courtesy Santiago Nicolau.