2017 PSA at the Jamboree

The Philmont Staff Association will be hosting a Philmont Staff Reception at the National Scout Jamboree on Wednesday, July 26, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Legacy Village, Tent LE01 (the biggest one near 12 Points). Refreshments will be served. Come to our gathering and fellowship with Philmont folks spending time at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree.

2017 Amigos

More details on the Staff Amigo program.

This listing is updated regularly, but not instantly. Please understand that a department, training crew or camp may no longer be available even though it is listed as available below. Cathy Hubbard will contact you regarding your selection and suggest alternates from her master list if yours is already taken. We endeavor to keep this online listing as up to date as possible.

Until you’ve been confirmed directly by Cathy, please don’t assume you’ve been assigned your first choice staff just because it disappeared from the list below shortly after emailing us.

Mail packages to:

(Name of Staff)
Philmont Scout Ranch
47 Caballo Rd.
Cimarron, NM 87714

Last update: 3:12 PM Mountain Time, Friday June 16th, 2017.

Department, TC or Camp Headcount Availability
Abreu 7
Apache Springs 7
Baldy Town 7
Beaubien 11
Black Mt. 5
Carson Meadows 6
Chase Ranch 5
Cimarroncito 21
Clark’s Fork 11
Clear Creek 6
Crater Lake 6
Crooked Creek 6
Cypher’s Mine 7
Dan Beard 6
Dean Cow 8
Fish Camp 6
French Henry 6
Harlan 7
Head of Dean 8
Hunting Lodge 6
Indian Writings 7
Kit Carson 8
Metcalf Station 6
Miners’ Park 10
Miranda 8
Phillip’s Junction 6
Ponil 17
Pueblano 7
Rayado Ridge 6
Rich Cabins 6
Ring Place 6
Sawmill 6
Seally Canyon 5
Urraca 6
Ute Gulch 6
Whiteman Vega 6
Zastrow 6
Backcountry Mgrs/Staff 9 Available
Cabin Restoration 5
Camping Headquarters
CHQ Seasonal Administration 11
CHQ Logistics 22
CHQ Security 11 Available
CHQ News & Photo Services 19
CHQ Maintenance 16
Mailroom 6
CHQ Services 15
Trading Post Mgmt 14 Available
Trading Post Clerks 29 Available
Trading Post Whse 7 Available
CHQ Commissary 17 Available
CHQ Food Service, Front house 30 Available
CHQ Food Service, Back House 30 Available
CHQ Activities 25 Available
Welcome Center 12
Chaplains 8
Health Lodge
Medics 1st Round 6 Available
Medics 2nd Round 6
Medics 3rd Round 6 Available
HL Admin/Support 26
Training Crew 1 8
Training Crew 2 8
Training Crew 3 8
Training Crew 4 8
Training Crew 5 8 Available
Training Crew 6 8 Available
Training Crew 7 8
Training Crew 8 8 Available
Training Crew 9 8 Available
Training Crew 10 8
Training Crew 11 8 Available
Training Crew 12 8 Available
Training Crew 13 8
Training Crew 14 8
Training Crew 15 8
Training Crew 16 8
Training Crew 17 8
Training Crew 18 8
Training Crew 19 8
Training Crew 20 8
Training Crew 21 8 Available
Training Crew 22 8 Available
Training Crew 23 8
Training Crew 24 8 Available
Training Crew 25 8 Available
Mountain Trek Rangers 8
Ranger Administration 10
Academy Cadets
USAFA 1st Round 11
USAFA 2nd Round 11 Available
USAFA 3rd Round 11 Available
USNA 1st Round 12
USNA 2nd Round 12
USNA 3rd Round 12
Conservation Dept
Work Crew 1 5
Work Crew 2 5 Available
Work Crew 3 5 Available
Work Crew 4 5 Available
Work Crew 5 5 Available
Work Crew 6 5 Available
Work Crew 7 5 Available
Conservationists 18
Environmental Education 8
OA Trail Crew 13
Sustainability Specialists 3 Available
Invasive Species 3
GIS 3 Available
Conservation Leadership 5
Ranch Dept
Bear Research 2
Motor Pool 1
Horsemen 8
Wranglers – Beaubien 24
Wranglers – Clarks 24 Available
Wranglers – Ponil 24
Philmont Training Center
Seasonal Admin 4
Medical Staff 1
PTC Food Service 15 Available
PTC Services 7 Available
Housekeeping 12 Available
PTC Program 33
PTC Craft Center 7
C.O.P.E. 8
Kit Carson 8
Villa Staff 8
Seton 6

2016 New Year’s Eve at the Ranch

fireworksPhilmont and the Philmont Staff Association are teaming up to welcome former staffers back to the Ranch to celebrate the incoming new year. Come out to the Philmont and join your Phil-friends for fellowship at this special time.


Roofed housing at the Philmont Training Center (duplexes, multiplex rooms, etc.) available December 30th through January 2nd for $30.00 per adult per night and $15.00 per kid per night. Register now.


  • Dinner on December 31 is being provided free of charge by Philmont
  • Build-your-own Omelet Breakfast on January 1 is being provided free of charge by the Philmont Staff Association

These are the only two meals that will be available at Philmont. Other meals will be on your own.

New Year’s Eve Events

  • “What’s going on at Philmont” remarks by Ranch Management
  • Satellite television, games, karaoke, billiards tournament, and fellowship at Silver Sage Staff Activity Center
  • Bring your musical instruments for a jam session

New Year’s Day Events

  • Football games on TV in the Silver Sage Staff Activity Center
  • Philmont 5K run/walk and day hikes to be determined by weather conditions
  • Activities and events in the area, including skiing at Angel FireRed River and Taos Ski Valley

Roofed housing is expected to fill up quickly. Get your registration and money in today to reserve a room.

Are you staying nearby and just want to join us for the New Year’s Eve celebration? Please let us know so we can make sure we cook enough dinner for everyone!

For Questions and to Confirm Registration

Contact Dollie O’Neill at (575) 376-1138 or [email protected]

Fireworks photo courtesy of Sarah Ackerman.

2016–2017 PASS and PAW Program and Schedule

Philmont Advisor Skills School and Philmont Advisor Workshop

The Philmont Advisor Skills School (PASS) and Philmont Advisor Workshop (PAW) programs were launched during the fall of 2015 to better train adult advisors in how to prepare their crews for an upcoming Philmont trek. In the 2015-2016 tour: 1,152 adult advisors attended one of the 44 courses across the country. This equated to 19.6% of 2016 crews who had at least one advisor attend a PASS or PAW course. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the program has been expanded for the 2016 fall tour season. Six experienced Philmont staff from the Ranger and Backcountry departments were chosen to lead the 2016 courses and they are excited to help advisors “Be Prepared”.

There are three different types of courses to choose from: PSR-PASS, Field-PASS and PAW.


psr_passA 4-day, 3-night course at Philmont including an overnight excursion into the backcountry, a Base Camp tour, a tour of the Villa Philmonte and a special dinner banquet. This is the best way to learn all the hard-skills and Philmont camping methods directly from experienced Philmont Rangers and Backcountry staff.

The course cost $99 to attend and covers PASS training materials including the PASS patch.

Philmont offers seven PSR-PASS courses in fall 2016.


An 8-hour, Saturday or Sunday course held in cities across the country with a high concentration of registered 2017 participants.

field_pass2Field-PASS participants receive a thorough understanding of the following topics:

  • Philmont-issued gear
  • Crew leadership positions
  • Physical conditioning
  • Travel to and from Philmont
  • Conducting a shakedown hike
  • Establishing a crew Philmont committee within their troop or crew
  • Hands-on set up of a campsite like they would in Philmont’s backcountry (bear bags, dining fly, tents), cooking, cleaning and sump use

The course costs $40 to attend and includes PASS training materials including the PASS patch.

Philmont offers 33 Field-PASS courses in fall 2016.


A 2-hour, weekday evening course held in cities across the country with a high concentration of registered 2017 participants. paw_madisonPAW participants learn about Philmont-issued gear, crew leadership positions, physical conditioning, traveling to and from Philmont, conducting a shakedown hike and establishing a crew Philmont committee.

The course costs $10 to attend and includes PAW training materials including the PAW patch.

Philmont offers 33 PAW courses in fall 2016.

If you know any adult Scouters who are planning a trek to Philmont in the near future, direct them to one of these courses. Courses will be from San Diego to Boston, Seattle to Orlando and nearly everywhere in between. Last year the travelling included 27,446 miles of driving, so keep an eye out for a white Philmont vehicle in your neighborhood as Philmont continues to deliver wilderness and learning adventures that last a lifetime.


Schedule and Locations

The following schedule was correct and complete as of August 30th 2016. For the most complete and most correct schedule and location listing please consult Philmont’s PASS/ PAW page.



9th-12th, 16th-19th and 23rd-26th


7th-10th, 14th-17th, 21st-24th and 28th-31st



10 – Orange County, CA
10 & 11 – Chicago, IL
11 – Los Angeles, CA
17 – San Jose, CA
17 & 18 – Minneapolis, MN
18 – San Francisco, CA
24 – Seattle, WA
24 & 25 – Kansas City, MO


8 & 9 – Nashville, TN
8 & 9 – Boston, MA
15 – Cincinnati, OH
15 & 16 – New York, NY
16 – Columbus, OH
22 & 23 – St. Louis, MO
22 & 23 – Washington D.C.
29 – Oklahoma City, OK
29 – Raleigh, NC
30 – Greensboro, NC


5 – Orlando, FL
5 & 6 – Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
6 – Tampa, FL
12 – Atlanta, GA
12 & 13 – Houston, TX



7 – Denver, CO
7 – Phoenix, AZ
8 – San Diego, CA
14 – Milwaukee, WI
15 – Madison, WI
20 – Sacramento, CA
21 – Des Moines, IA
22 – Portland, OR
22 – Omaha, NE
26 – Spokane, WA
28 – Salt Lake City, UT


4 – Detroit, MI
5 – Little Rock, AR
5 – Pittsburgh, PA
6 – Memphis, TN
11 – Knoxville, TN
13 – Louisville, KY
13 – Hartford, CT
18 – Philadelphia, PA
19 – Cleveland, OH
20 – Indianapolis, IN
20 – Baltimore, MD
26 – Tulsa, OK
26 – Richmond, VA
27 – Wichita, KS


1 – Austin, TX
1 – Charlotte, NC
3 – San Antonio, TX
3 – Jacksonville, FL
8 – Baton Rouge, LA
9 – New Orleans, LA
10 – Birmingham, AL