2013 Philmont Training Center Conferences

You’re Invited!

Attend a conference at the Philmont Training Center – The National Training Center of the Boy Scouts of America. Registration for the 2013 Philmont Training Conferences begins on September 10, 2012. Visit Philmont Training Center for full conference descriptions, family program details and registration information.

To register, go to My Scouting and choose the ‘Events Registration’ tab.

This information is accurate as of this posting date. Please refer to the official Philmont Training Center site for costs, updates, corrections, cancellations or closures.

Week One – June 9-15

  • Conducting Advanced Leadership Training
  • Introduction to STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Math)*
  • Taking STEM to the Next Level*
  • Orienteering and Scouting
  • Putting More Outing in Scouting
  • Strengthening Venturing
  • Strictly for Scoutmasters

Week Two – June 16-22

  • Advancement Issues and Solutions
  • Designing Games That Teach*
  • District Key-3
  • Order of the Arrow Advisor Training
  • Reconnecting Scouting’s Alumni
  • Strictly for Cub Scouters
  • Training Your Crew’s Youth Leaders*
  • Training Your Troop’s Youth Leaders*
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Three – June 23-29

  • The Council Commissioner
  • District Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner Training
  • District Committee
  • Effective Roundtables
  • Focusing on the “Main Thing”*
  • How to Conduct a Commissioner College
  • Professional Development – Level 2 (by invitation only)
  • The Unit Commissioner
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Four – June 29-July 5

  • LDS Scouting Leadership Conference (by invitation only)

Week Five – July 6-July 12

  • LDS Scouting Leadership Conference (by invitation only)
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Six – July 14-20

  • Be Prepared For High Adventure
  • Den Leader Conference*
  • Philmont Staff Association Reunion*
  • Scouting in the Hispanic/Latino Community
  • Teaching Scoutcraft Skills*

Week Seven – July 21-27

  • American Heritage Girls
  • Bringing Youth to Christ Through a Baptist Scouting Ministry
  • Council Key-3
  • District Committee
  • District Key-3
  • FBI – Faith Based Initiative
  • Focusing on the “Main Thing”*
  • Scouting in the Catholic Church
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Eight – July 28-August 3

  • Growing Strong Units Through Program Planning*
  • Journey to Excellence*
  • Professional Development – Level 2 (by invitation only)
  • Putting More Outing in Scouting
  • Training Pack Adult Leadership*
  • Training Troop Adult Leadership*
  • Varsity Scouting*
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Nine – August 4-10

  • Delivering Training to Unit Leaders
  • District Key-3
  • Learning for Life and Exploring*
  • The Mechanics of Advancement
  • Retaining Youth in Scouting
  • Strictly for Scoutmasters*
  • Visual Storytelling Photography Workshop
  • Volunteer & Professional Relationships*
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)

Week Ten – August 11-17

  • Geocaching in Scouting
  • Health and Safety/Risk Management
  • Learning for Life and Exploring*
  • The Patrol Method*
  • Search and Rescue*
  • Serving Scouts with Special Needs*
  • Strictly For Cub Scouters
  • T-Cubed (T3) – Train The Trainer*

Week Eleven (Fall Conference) – September 15-21

  • Camp Standards – Procedures and Compliance
  • Camping and Outdoor Program Committee Administration
  • Climbing & Rappelling Training Program Evaluator*
  • Climbing Instructor Level II*
  • Conservation USA
  • Philmont Leadership Challenge
  • Project COPE and Climbing Manager
  • Project COPE Instructor Level II*
  • Properties Conference
  • Recruiting and Serving Ethnic Markets
  • Shooting Sports Program
  • Trek Leader Planning and Advanced Outdoor Skills
  • Wilderness First Aid Train the Trainer

* Indicates a new course in 2013

High Country: Special Edition

From Ed Pease, High Country Editor…

The array of skills and talent exhibited by Philmont staff through the years is as broad and often as breathtaking as the skies of northern New Mexico.

Whether it’s tying a diamond hitch or scaling the rocks at Cito, convincing a burro to change its mind (or at least change direction), or snagging a brown trout in the Agua Fria, the abilities of Philstaff are varied – in many cases legendary. Many acquired their skills at Philmont itself, learning from veterans who hiked the trails before them. Others brought their skills, but took them to new heights (or is that elevation?) in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristos.

Understandably, the skills and talents most often observed in Philstaff are those that relate to the out of doors; camping and hiking and ranching and all the Scoutcraft skills that have made Philmont what it is.

But there is a whole tradition of other talents not so often recognized, though just as impressive. Scores of Philmont staff have proven themselves at amateur and, in many cases, professional singing and songwriting. Others have done the same with drawing and painting and other forms of visual arts. And still others have distinguished themselves as writers and photographers. When the Philmont Staff Association decided it would include a show of work in visual arts by former Philstaff as part of the 2005 reunion, the problem was not in finding enough quality work to show, but in finding enough space to do justice to the many outstanding entries we received.

View or download the full color special edition of the High Country to read the rest of Ed’s note and to see and read the contest winners’ works.

2012 PSA Service Project at Philmont

service project crew

While the Annual Reunion and related festivities will be held in Tulsa in 2012, there is still an opportunity for non-trekking PSA members to return to Philmont during this summer. The PSA Service Project, July 29-August 1, 2012, will be a time of fellowship and “getting your hands dirty” with fellow former Philstaff. Come to Philmont and give back to a place that has given us so much over the years. Service projects have been part of the Philmont Staff Association since its beginning in 1973.

Participants will arrive at Philmont on Sunday afternoon, July 29. You will be staying in canvas tents, and dining at the Philmont Training Center. The PSA trekkers will also be arriving and checking-in at Camping HQ on Sunday. So, there is an opportunity to visit with even more of your Philfriends. On Monday and Tuesday, you will have several projects to choose from to partake in depending on your physical abilities and interests. There will be projects at the Philmont Museum and the Philmont Training Center. There will also be projects in the Philmont Backcountry, such as work in the Demonstration Forest, repair and sign updates for the South Ponil Rio Grande Cut-throat Trout project, Rayado improvements, trail-building and maintenance.

You will return to PTC for evening activities, including chapel services, cobbler, and the Wanna-Be Band. After two fulfilling days, you will depart for home on Wednesday. You’ll want to tour the Villa Philmonte, visit the Philmont Museum and Seton Library, and shop at the Tooth of Time Traders before your leave 87714.

All PSA members and their families are welcome to attend. Family program opportunities are available at a pro-rated fee) To participate in the Backcountry service projects, you must be at least 14 years old or completed the 8th grade and be at least 13 years of age prior to participation. All participants must have completed a 2012 BSA Annual Medical Form sections A & B (forms will be sent to you after registration is received).

Cost to attend the PSA Service Project is $75 per person, which includes lodging and meals at Philmont.

Register online.

Thanks for the Annual Fund Again!

Thanks so much to all of you who supported your PSA this year with a gift to the annual fund. I know we switched our tactics from pinpoint to carpet bombing at the end of the year to get the drive in—but it is crucially important to your association. Unlike many organizations, the PSA has to raise almost its entire yearly operating budget each and every year. And we designed it that way on purpose. Crazy? Foolish? Maybe so, maybe so. But the PSA Board structured our fund raising that way to make your association more responsible to its membership. You vote every year with your checkbooks on how you feel the PSA is doing with its mission. Our goal this year was $84,000 and we raised a little over $87,000. Great work—work that supports the people, place and programs that ARE Philmont.

Some of the things we did with our funds over the last year that benefited the Ranch are:

  • Seasonal Staff Scholarships: $34,000
  • Program Scholarships (Rayado, ROCs, etc): $5,100
  • Philmont Staff Recruiting, Etc: $4,500
  • Publishing High Country: $27,000

We also supported a dozen regional reunions across the country, compiled and published a bi-annual report, the annual reunion, produced PSA merchandise, published the Philmont Ranger Book, and many other functions that keep our organization vibrant and growing.

Thanks so much for your support—the good news for 2012 is that the PSA Annual Fund goal is much lower only $72,000 –we are always looking for ways to support the ranch and at the same time running as lean an association as possible. Again, your PSA can only do what its membership supports—thanks for your dedication and generosity in supporting the people place and programs that are Philmont!


Jim Lynch, President

Photo courtesy Santiago Nicolau.