2019 PSA Giving Tuesday

4th Annual

All day December 3rd, 2019!


Please join us in the day of #unselfie and support our mission to unite the Philmont Staff—past, present and future—for the purpose of serving the adventure, heritage, and experience of Philmont and the Boy Scouts of America.

PSA and Giving Tuesday History

We started out in 2016 with 80-90 donors and raised over $7,000. Last year we had at around 220 donors and raised over $21,000!

How you can help?

Spread the word! Share and promote on social media and get all your Phil-friends to donate on Giving Tuesday. The average gift on this day is $25 but any amount helps.

Why Give?

Your gift helps the PSA with our mission and #ServingTheAdventure. The PSA is a 501(c3) non-profit supporting Philmont Scout Ranch with our Capital Campaign and fire recovery effort, and Philmont staff with our college scholarships and Individual Trek scholarships. Your gift helps continue that mission!

Post your #unselfie on why you give and support Philmont!.

Watch for our PSA Power hours! We have matching donors scheduled throughout the day who will match your donation during their hour.

Giving Tuesday isn’t just about fund-raising, it’s about our community coming together to give time, power, skill, expertise, and resources.

Building HOmE: PSA Building Dedication

Building HOmE: PSA Building Dedication

The Building HOmE Development Committee and the PSA Board invite you to join us for the dedication of our new office building in the Philmont Museum and Library Building Project.

July 6th–8th, 2018 at the Philmont Training Center

The schedule includes arrival, dinner, and a Kit Carson Men 50th anniversary presentation Friday. Breakfast lunch and BBQ Saturday with the dedication ceremony, hikes, and our evening Silver Sage presentation. Breakfast and morning departure on Sunday. $60

We invite Cimarron locals to join us on Saturday for the dedication and meals at a reduced cost. $15

Philmont staff can attend the ceremony and evening programs free of charge.

Building HOmE: $1 Million Pledged!

  • Building HOmE Pledges 100% 100%
  • Building HOmE Received 93.22% 93.22%

Building HOmE: $1 Million Pledged!


You read that correctly, the pledges have reached the $1 million mark in just under two years from when the brochures first hit your mailbox.

As co-chairs of the Building HOmE: PSA Office and Philmont Museum Expansion Project capital campaign, and on behalf of the entire committee, we’d like to extend a huge thank you and congratulations to all of the donors who have helped the PSA on our path to this wonderful trail marker on our trek to $1.5 million. To those of you who have not donated, or are waiting until just the right time to do so, now’s the time. We still have $500,000 to go to reach the end of our trek towards $1.5 million. Our PSA office building is close to being move-in ready, and work is progressing on the new Philmont museum which is scheduled to be open to Scouters for this camping season.

We aren’t back to Basecamp yet, but we’ve certainly reached the top of Shaefer’s Pass on our trek, and can see the end in sight! There will be ongoing updates as our trek progresses.

Again, thanks to the 500 people who have donated thus far to help in Building HOmE, we’re sure we’ll see plenty more names added to this list by the time we reach the end of our trail!

Mitch and Christine Standard
Co-chairs of the Building HOmE committee

"Anyone not ready?"

(Recurring payments distributed over three years.)

Contribute a single amount rather than make contributions over a three year period.

2017 Annual Fund – Reached Then Passed Our Goal!

  • 2017 Annual Fund 107.76% 107.76%

2017 Annual Fund – Reached Then Passed Our Goal!

Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished without the will to start, the enthusiasm to continue and, regardless of temporary obstacles, the persistence to complete.

–Waite Phillips

Just imagine…

You’re sitting on a log around a campfire, the flames illuminating the faces of treasured friends. The sound of guitars, fiddles, and voices fill the night air. Thousands of stars stretch across the sky, winking at you through the branches of whispering pines.

Now you’re hiking up a trail, the laughter and encouragement of your traveling companions in the air as you reach the top. You turn in circles and take in the beauty surrounding you, and then join your friends for a picture to capture a moment you never want to forget.

Next, you’re gathering for a reunion in Denver, in Washington D.C., in Boston, in Dallas – name a city and it has probably been the site of Philmont alumni getting together to celebrate friendships forged under the New Mexican sun.

It is indeed that time of year when we look back wistfully on the happiest memories of our past. But guess what? Those images aren’t just memories – they’re also the future of Philmont Staff Association members who will take part in the treks and reunions offered throughout the coming year.

Our Annual Fund goal this year was $75,000. I’m so pleased to report that we not only met that goal, we surpassed it, raising a total of $80,820!

Because of your generous donations, the PSA will be able to create more opportunities for you to stay connected in 2018. High Country magazine will continue to share interesting stories, photography, news, and updates about the country we love and the people who love it. Scholarships and outreach efforts by the PSA will further strengthen our relationship with Philmont Scout Ranch.

To make this new year even more promising, we’ll be moving into our very own PSA office where we can better serve our current membership, reach out to new staff, and continue to vigorously support Philmont Scout Ranch in its mission to enrich the lives of all those who walk its trails.

On behalf of all the members of the PSA board, thank you so much for supporting the 2018 Annual Fund. We sure hope you’ll come by the new PSA office for a visit real soon!

Mariah Hughes, VP of Development – Philmont Staff Association


Annual Fund Stories So Far

Alex Ave | Sarah Burgess | Mariah Hughes | Denice Toney | Tom Munch | Tom Guigni | Mary Steuver | John Murphy

In 2017 we exceeded our $75,000 goal by $5,820.