2019 PSA Giving Tuesday

4th Annual

All day December 3rd, 2019!


Please join us in the day of #unselfie and support our mission to unite the Philmont Staff—past, present and future—for the purpose of serving the adventure, heritage, and experience of Philmont and the Boy Scouts of America.

PSA and Giving Tuesday History

We started out in 2016 with 80-90 donors and raised over $7,000. Last year we had at around 220 donors and raised over $21,000!

How you can help?

Spread the word! Share and promote on social media and get all your Phil-friends to donate on Giving Tuesday. The average gift on this day is $25 but any amount helps.

Why Give?

Your gift helps the PSA with our mission and #ServingTheAdventure. The PSA is a 501(c3) non-profit supporting Philmont Scout Ranch with our Capital Campaign and fire recovery effort, and Philmont staff with our college scholarships and Individual Trek scholarships. Your gift helps continue that mission!

Post your #unselfie on why you give and support Philmont!.

Watch for our PSA Power hours! We have matching donors scheduled throughout the day who will match your donation during their hour.

Giving Tuesday isn’t just about fund-raising, it’s about our community coming together to give time, power, skill, expertise, and resources.

2011 Silent Auction


Support Seasonal Staff Scholarships!

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

At each PSA reunion, we hold a silent auction to raise money in support of Seasonal Staff Scholarships. It’s a lot of fun and we get to send you home with some wonderful mementos of your time spent at Philmont.

We’re asking each PSA reunion participant (or family) to bring something for the auction. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Just bring something if you can! Below are some general guidelines, but don’t let these stifle your creativity.

  1. It can be new or used, as long as it’s in good condition. For example, if your “friend” doesn’t ever get around to using that perfectly good backpack he has, donate it! Or, if you’re still a gear geek who has to have the newest stuff, even though the old stuff it still perfectly usable, donate the old stuff and you’ll finally be able to rationalize buying the new.
  2. It can be worth 50 cents, $5.00 or $500.00, and anything over, under and in-between.
  3. You can ask for donations from area merchants and organizations. Please feel free to show them this letter and have the merchant or organization contact Randy Saunders at 575-376-1138 if they want more information about the organization. Also, have them call Randy if they want the PSA’s charitable organization tax ID number or a copy of the letter.
  4. Many people have the best luck asking for donations from their place of employment. Many of you probably work for companies that produce some sort of product. Employers are often willing to make donations to organizations close to the hearts of their employees.
  5. Show us your talent! If you’re an artist, bring or send a piece of your work. Few things are as special as something you’ve created. It’s wonderful to see how talented our Philmont alumni are!

If you have an item to donate, please send it as soon as possible to:

Philmont Staff Association
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron NM 87714

It would be great to have it ahead of time so we can prepare a silent auction bid sheet for the item, but if you can’t please bring it with you when you check in for the reunion.

Photo courtesy of Nic Launceford

The Silent Auction will take place on Saturday, August 6th.

A Jeff Segler Painting Supporting the PSA Scholarship Fund

Update: Doug Palmer drew Mark Leinmiller’s name from a handy Scout Campaign hat to become the winner of this fine piece of art. Congratulations to Mark and many thanks to Jeff for donating the painting!

Painting: “July Morning”, 16 x 16, oil on linen, framed. Scene from early morning drive between Rayado and Cattle HQ, two deer grazing in the scrub oak with the Tooth of Time in the distance, lit by the morning sun. Valued between $3,500 and $5,000.

Jeff Segler, award-winning artist, PSA member and creator of the “I Want to Go Back…” artwork, painted this scene to support the PSA. Visit Jeff’s studio website at http://jwsegler.com/ to view more of his works. This project will benefit the PSA Seasonal Staff Scholarship fund.

Drawing on April 16, 2011. Winners need not be present to win. The winner will be contacted on April 16th.

Parmar OATC Scholarship

PJ Parmar lost his mother last Sunday. She found peace after fighting a lengthy battle with cancer.

We have all faced tough challenges throughout our lives requiring us to draw upon strength from our family, friends, and memories. Some of PJ’s strongest memories include his time at Philmont–working with wonderful people amongst God’s country. PJ continued his work at Philmont over the last two decades leaving many memorable contributions to the ranch, including building upon fellowship with friends, donating hard labor, and practicing medicine at the Health Lodge. We would like to create an OATC scholarship in PJ’s mother’s name as an honor to PJ and the mountains we have climbed, both metaphorically and here on earth.

We all know what Philmont meant to us, some found love, some found passion, all found inspiration. A fully funded scholarship would annually provide one youth an opportunity to explore the magic of Philmont. Would you be willing to consider making a contribution to help others experience Philmont’s magic? To help others see the azure skies and to meet such great people as yourself? These friendships last a lifetime and the experiences can help provide a solid foundation to face future challenges.

If you would like to contribute to this worthwhile cause, please send payments to:

Philmont Scout Ranch
Attention: PSA – Parmar OATC Scholarship
17 Deer Run Road
Cimarron, NM 87714

Or donate online.

Jon Seim
[email protected]