Help Search for Steve Fossett

fossett search

You may have seen this link in a number of other Scout or non-Scout related venues. We wanted to post here as well:

You can join the search for NESA President Steve Fossett by using your computer to study recent satellite images of the area where the adventurer disappeared September 3. To sign up to help, visit and follow the instructions and text link near the top of the page. The site requests volunteers age 18 or older.

Valle Vidal Protection Act Signed Into Law

The Valle Vidal Protection Act, which prohibits oil and gas drilling in the Valle Vidal, was signed into law yesterday by President Bush. The enactment of this legislation is a great victory for all of us who have worked to keep the Valle Vidal as a valued part of the Philmont experience.

Philmont and our organization (particularly its president) have played a significant role in getting this legislation passed. I hope that some day we’ll be able to share all of that story.

My thanks to each of you for your assistance in this endeavor. We’ll keep our task force in place to review and comment on the Forest Service’s forest plan amendment for the Valle Vidal, now due in early 2007, but we won’t have to deal any longer with the issue that would have caused the biggest change for the Philmont program there.

Congratulations to us all.