Annual PSA Memberships for Only $20!


There’s No Place Like HOmE. Stay Connected with the Philmont Staff Association.

Join the PSA with our $20 e-rate! Get all of the PSA benefits, but receive the High Country digitally. If you are a recent staff member, you can join at the $15 staff rate for 3 years after staff ends.

Not sure what the PSA offers? Check out our recent video (spoiler alert: you might recognize some faces and miss Philmont terribly):

Here are some PSA benefits:

  • 6 issues of the award-winning High Country magazine each year
  • Opportunities to return to Philmont: annual reunion, summer & fall treks and service projects
  • Regional events
  • Opportunities to give back to Philmont
  • PSA merchandise, including cool logo items and local interest books
  • Member directory, e-newsletter, website
  • Voting in PSA elections

Interested in another rate? Here are all of the rates:
$15 Staff Rate (available for current staff and 3 years after staff ends)
$20 E-Rate ($35 for families); digital High Country
$32 Regular Annual Rate ($40 for families); printed High Country. Multi-year discounted rates also available.
$595 Life Rate (tax-deductible with payment plans available)

For more details, call the PSA office at 575-376-1138 or email Colleen Nutter – PSA Membership.

Member Directories Update for February 2013

post_MemberDirDownload them from our Members’ Area.

This is a great time to do two things:

Check and Update Your Contact Information

The Main Directory contains the contact information we have for you as of 2/8/2013. If you find mistakes or missing information you can update that from the “Make corrections or changes to this data” link on the Members Area. We will update our database as soon as we can; we will refresh these directories somewhat later after a reasonable period of time–this isn’t as automated as you’d think. Also, be aware that the PSA Newsletter uses a different database entirely; if you update your email with us in one place it will not update it in the other (sorry).

Find out Who Lives Near You

One of the things I love about putting these together is finding out who lives where or how many people live in a place I’ve never heard of. I think you’ll maybe find some surprises once you find your name in the Location Directory. Maybe it’s time to have that local reunion after all or maybe just a small gathering at a watering hole in your neck of the woods.

Wanted: Phil Docs

Are you a physician who is lonely for Philmont? If so, Philmont Health Lodge Task Force has a solution. Join the Phil Doc team!

Job Description: 1-2 weeks of summer volunteer service at the Philmont Health Lodge.

Work days and days off shared with 2-3 other PhilDocs. Provide health care services to trek participants and Phil staffers. Teach medics who are students from KU School of Medicine.

Room and board provided in duplex housing. Free family activities at PTC.

Contact Sallie Page-Goertz, Phil Doc scheduling coordinator
[email protected]

Recruit a Friend!

You know what is missing from the PSA?

Your old tent mate…

Your old hike-in buddy…

Your last camp director…

That guy who was always smiling in the chow line…

Your friend from CPR training…

Talk to your friends. Tell them why you joined the PSA. Tell them they should join as well. It will be good for them and there is even a prize in it for you.

Take some time to think about all your memories from Philmont. If you are anything like me, you think fondly of the place: the cabins on a rainy day, sunrise from Window Rock, a beautiful stretch of trail near a stream, or the view from Baldy. The place is without a doubt one of the greatest places I have spent time.

On the other hand, for me it is about the people. The views, the rain, the trails and the cabins could be replaced in my mind with other locals. It is the people that really resonate. I loved the long nights playing cards around a table lit by lantern light. I reveled in the rush of working as a team to find a lost scout or carry an injured participant. I found joy in the people that shared a desire to deliver great program to scouts from all over.

The place is still there. The people can be as well. I never tire of sitting around the campfire reminiscing with my oldest friends when we meet back up at the ranch. It can be that way for you as well!

Call up that old tent mate. Find your hike-in buddy from “back in the day”. Drop a line to your last camp director. Let them know that you like the PSA and that you think it would be better with them involved too.

Let us know who you recruit. There are prizes to be had. Nothing inspires participation as much as a personal invitation from a friend.

PSA Brochure and Registration

Photo courtesy of softestthing.