2017–2019 Board Nominee Bios

The following nominees have been proffered by the Nominating Committee.

For additional nominees to be added to the ballot, the nominee’s name and biographical sketch (similar to these), together with supporting signatures of at least 25 active association members, must be submitted to the PSA Office no later than July 1, 2016. Ballots will be mailed to all members on July 8, 2016.

See the election timeline and a brief listing of all nominees.

National Officer Nominees


John Murphy (Tyler TX).

Current Position: President.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1972-1974).

“Hoping to continue my service in order to complete the PSA Building / Seton Project, and build membership to the 5,000 member level. In addition, I would like to further our relationship with ranch management to make sure the PSA of the future continues to be an active partner.”

Vice President—Membership

Amy Boyle (Lander WY).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Asst. Group Leader (1978), PTC Group Leader (1980).

“I have served on the PSA Board for six years as Regional Director. I have served on both the Service Committee and Membership Committee and coordinated the planning for the 2010 Colfax Colloquium. I believe my understanding of the PSA’s goals and programs will aid me in spearheading the membership efforts.”

Vice President—Service

Bryan Delaney (Atlanta GA).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1998-2003), Camping Projects Mgr. (2004-2010).

“I have served as a Southern Regional and National Director of the PSA, and have served in a leadership role for various PSA reunions and service projects. I am also the chair of the personnel committee of my church, St. Mark UMC. I believe that I will bring experience, creativity, and leadership to the role of VP-Service.”

Vice President—Development

Mariah Hughes (Golden CO).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1987), CD (1989-90), Director of Conservation (1992), plus others.

“I have extensive experience in fundraising and growing membership for both government agencies and nonprofits, as well as experience managing boards, large groups of volunteers, and coordinating events of many different sizes (from 5 to 20,000+). I have also served on boards for chambers and community organizations.”


Kathy Seitz (South Glastonbury CT).

Current Position: Northeast Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Food Service (1981), Trading Post (1982), Services (1983).

“I have worked with a very large Boy Scout troop for 10 years, and have worked with the Scoutmasters and planned some big trips: Gettysburg, Washington DC, and Philmont. I have worked on the Administration Committee for longer than I have served on the Board, and would like to continue that work: publications, annual reports and website are all things we address on that committee.”


Matt Lindsey (Nacogdoches TX).

Current Position: Treasurer.

Years/Positions on Staff: Wrangler (1987).

“Since working at Philmont I have completed 13 treks as an adviser as well as trips to the other high adventure bases, including completing the Grand Portage at Northern Tier. I have worked as a department head in private industry and served as a department chair at SFA University with budget authority. I served on the PSA Finance Committee for 6 years and learned about PSA budget processes.”

National Director Nominees

Seven to be elected – listed alphabetically.

Ray Batchelor (Grand Prairie TX).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Dining Hall (1961), PTC Cub/Trek Ranger (1962), PTC Trek Director (1963), PTC Faculty (1980-1985), NJLIC Scoutmaster (1982), Logistics Asst. Mgr. (2013).

“Eagle Scout, OA Distinguished Service Award, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Six Sigma Certified, PSA Board of Directors 2000-2013, Region Director 2000-2007, National Director 2007-2013, Scholarship Committee Chair 2001-2013, Finance Committee 2015. I would like to contribute to the Finance Committee with a broad background in finance and development.”

Sarah Burgess (Coldspring TX).

Current Position: Scholarship Committee.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (2003-04), Ranger Trainer (2005), Rayado Trek Coord. (2006), Assoc. Chief Ranger (2007-2009), Sustainability Resource Specialist (2010-11), STEM Educator Coord. (2013-14), Assoc. Director of Conservation for Environmental Education (2015-16).

“Being a PSA Member and current staff member is a foundation of my successes in my career as an educator. Working at Philmont has motivated me to bring leadership and innovation to many endeavors. I have greatly enjoyed my time as a Scholarship Committee Member, and I look forward to new tasks and responsibilities in giving back to this organization and the Ranch as a National Board Member. I am passionate about connecting all generations of Philmont Staff, especially those yet to become staff, by recruiting youth for individual treks at Philmont.”

Alli Dietz (Denver CO).

Current Position: Communications Committee Member.

Years/Positions on Staff: : PC Beaubien, Hunting Lodge (2010-11), CD Apache Springs, Baldy Town (2012-13), Backcountry Mgr. (2014).

“My background in marketing (both digital and traditional) will undoubtedly help me succeed as a PSA board member. Throughout my career in marketing (and volunteering to do marketing for non-profits) I have been able to design and test different marketing campaigns which in turn informs my next campaign. Seeing the changes throughout my five summers and also working on managerial levels helped me understand how to negotiate while being a strong servant leader. I have new ideas that will help attract new members as well as serve members who have been with the PSA a long time.”

Adam Fromm (Arlington VA).

Current Position: Secretary.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger, OATC Foreman (1999-2001).

“I have served as the PSA’s secretary for the last 3 years and previously as a Northeast Regional Director. I want to continue our efforts to enhance the PSA’s brand among Philmont staff and the Scouting movement and encouraging participation in programs at the ranch and to apply for staff. I have worked with organizations in communications, branding, governance and other capacities.”

Cathy Hubbard (Middleton WI).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Dining Hall (1976), Ranger (1977), Infirmary – R.N. (2012, 2014-15).

“I have served on the PSA Board for 8 years now, and have run the Staff Amigo Program for the last 5 years. I have hosted/ helped organize regional reunions in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio. My passion is in finding ways to bring Philmont to our members across the country. I have missed one board weekend meeting in 8 years.”

Lee Huckstep (Houston TX).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: CHQ Food Service (1971), Commissary Mgr. – Cimarroncito (1972), Postmaster (1974), Asst. Registrar (1976), CD Phillips Junction (1977).

“I am on the altar guild at my church and assist in various capacities helping Houston’s homeless. I also devote a lot of time to the PSA promoting and organizing the PSA Trek and Volunteer Vacation, and have organized special events such as the Tulsa Reunion and the Celebration of the Lives of Waite and Genevieve Phillips in Los Angeles. Including the early treks, I have coordinated 13 PSA treks and participated in 10 PSA treks. I want to help in rejuvenating the PSA Annual Reunion and the PSA Jamboree Week Reunion.”

Julie Huiras Mascitti (Madison WI).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Group Leader (1980), PTC Services Mgr. (1981), News & Info. Svcs. Mgr. (1982).

“My current position as administrative assistant at Ronald McDonald House Charities in Madison includes managing some of the big and little things one might regularly do at home, such as paying bills, keeping track of children, and petting the dog. I’ve initiated fundraising and awareness events for community organizations, Scouts, school, sports, and personal occasions, including a benefit concert for a baby who needed brain surgery, and campaigns for the Wisconsin chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As a National Director, I’m willing to take on current strategies and help innovate new ones. Promoting Philmont and the PSA comes easily thanks to treasured relationships with people, program, and of course, the land.”

Doug Palmer (Arroyo Seco NM).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Assoc. Director of Program – Backcountry (1988-2011).

“During my 40-year career as a professional in the service of the Boy Scouts of America, I was expected to be involved in my community. It is the professional job to “recruit, train, guide and inspire volunteers” in order to expand the program of Scouting to youth. I believe the PSA has a similar role to seek out and actively involve present and past Phil-staff who will then continue to serve the needs of the ranch. Betty and I continue to be involved in Casting for Recovery, an organization that provides a free weekend retreat for breast cancer survivors designed around the sport of fly fishing.”

Anne Marie Pinkenburg (Fort Worth TX).

Current Position: Southern Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1992-93), Training Ranger (1994), Mountain Trek Coord. (1995, 1997), Autumn Adventure Guide (1997).

“I have served on the PSA Board for the past three years, and greatly enjoyed being on the Scholarship Committee. I would like to continue serving on the board so that I can share member ideas with the PSA, and help PSA develop in a way that reflects what members want and need. Working as Mountain Trek Coordinator and as a speech language pathologist in multiple countries has helped me develop my organizational skills and I will continue to conscientiously complete all tasks related to the position.”

Dave Romack (Arlington TX).

Current Position: Treks Committee.

Years/Positions on Staff: Warehouse (1961), Ponil Commissary Director (1962), PTC Faculty (3 years).

“I enjoyed a 41-year career with IBM in technical sales, customer technical support, education and training, and consulting planner. I am a member of the PSA Service Committee having been a facilitator of the PSA treks for several years. I also did the planning, organization, and setup for the 2007 PSA Annual Meeting and Reunion in Dallas TX. I am currently serving as chair of the deacons and president of the church men’s group.”

Tim Rosseisen (Breckenridge CO).

Current Position: Vice President—Service.

Years/Positions on Staff: Climbing PC (1985-1987), Head Rock Dean Cow (1988), CD Dean Cow, Cimarroncito (1989-90), CD Beaubien (1991-92), Health Lodge Chief of Support (1993), Health Lodge Support Staff (1995).

“I am a member of my local Scout troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Eagle Scout counselor. I have served on the PSA as Vice President of Service, overseeing reunions, scholarships and staff scholarship committees, as well as reunions at the ranch. I also serve as Philmont’s Fly Fishing Invitational chairman, as well as the chairman for Philmont’s wounded veterans fishing program (helping wounded veterans from across the country). I would like to serve on the Service Committee to help with reunions as well as the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee I recently helped facilitate.”

Nancy Coleman Stickelman (Las Vegas NV).

Current Position: National Director & Amigos Committee Chair.

Years/Positions on Staff: PC Head of Dean, Fish Camp (1997-98), CD Head of Dean, Fish Camp, French Henry, Cyphers Mine (1999-2002), Autumn Adventure (2001-02), Backcountry Mgr. (2003).

“I completed my college internship with the Atlanta Area Council BSA and have volunteered for Scouting everywhere I’ve lived. 2012-2013 I was President of the Las Vegas NW MOMS Club, a 501C3, and this year I am the Vice President. I would be interested in continuing to work with the membership committee. I would enjoy helping to plan events and see if we can incorporate either some child care or a family style event where it would be easy to bring kids.”

David Wilson (Orem UT).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: LDS Chaplain and Chaplain Coordinator (2002-2014), PTC Faculty (2005-2009).

“CEO for non-profit organization emphasizing energy efficiency and conservation. Active Scouter locally, regionally and nationally. Active blogger for BSA Venturing program. I actively help recruit staff each year through job fairs at the Brigham Young University and association with past staff.”

Phil Winegardner (Overland Park KS).

Current Position: Central Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1969), Training Ranger (1970), CD Fish Camp (1971-72), CD Baldy Town (1973), CD Cimarroncito (1974).

“I believe working for two large international firms for the past 35 years has provided me with a great ability to work and cooperate with others across a wide base – both geographically and age generations. Serving now as a Central Region Director, I have assisted on both the Administrative and Service Committees. For the Service Committee, I was a member of the Iowa PSA Fall Phestival planning team; this event was a huge success. Currently, I am serving as co-leader of the brand new PSA Volunteer Vacation program.”

Regional Officer Nominees

Two from each region to be elected – listed alphabetically by region.

Northeast Region

Ken Davis (Alexandria VA).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Dining Hall, Tent City, Asst. Secretary, Asst. Program Mgr. (1960-63, 1965-66)

“Sixty years continuous registered service with BSA including Scoutmaster, District Commissioner, Council Training Chairman, Jamboree Chairman and Philmont Chairman. Member of the National OA Committee since 1974. I have served as PSA board member since 2005. I have managed administrative offices in the civilian government and the US Army responsible for budget, information technology, personnel, travel, training, organizational review and planning and carrying out of events and projects and managing programs over extended periods. Author of the “History of the PSA.”

Fr. Don Hummel (Paramus NJ).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Catholic Chaplain (1992-2016)

I am currently serving as Chaplain at Paramus Catholic High School, the largest private high school in New Jersey. Fire Service Chaplaincy, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Office of Emergency Management Chaplaincy, American Cancer Society, Knights of Columbus, Guest House Board (treatment center for addictions), Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse. I am accustomed to conference call meetings having served on the Northeast Regional Board Membership Standards Committee for a number of years. Committee service as the board deems most appropriate but service and/or membership probably make the most sense.”

George Segelken (Doylestown PA).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1971-73), Logistics (1974)

“Currently I’m a Unit Commissioner (trained) for a pack, two regular troops and a special needs troop; the BSA High Adventure person for Tohickon District and a member of the Washington Crossing Council’s High Adventure Committee. I managed managers for most of my corporate career and have extensive operational auditing experience (auditing field offices and service providers). I think Philmont holds a special place in the hearts of most former staffers. I’d like to see the PSA develop that inkling to stay connected and to “give back” into increased PSA membership.”

Rick Touchette (Coeymans NY).

Current Position: Northeast Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1971), PC Cyphers, Miranda, Urraca (1972-75), CD Abreu, Fish Camp (1976-77)

“Serving my first term on the Albany County Legislature representing the 37th Legislative District, which is coterminous with the Town of Coeymans. My 30 years of not-for-profit management leadership and my service on local and national boards provides broad and diverse experience for the PSA board service. I have participated in a number of PSA treks and Northern Tier exchange programs, regional reunions, the LA and Tulsa reunions, and am active in the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. I would like to continue serving on the Service Committee and Scholarship Committee.”

Central Region

Jeff Ash (Clive IA).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PC Baldy (1974), Ranger (1975), PC Head of Dean (1976), Logistics (1977)

“I’ve spent most of my adult military life leading, mentoring and developing individuals and teams. As I no longer have a military commitment, I am seeking another outlet to keep me involved in something that is bigger than myself. I served a couple of years as Cubmaster to the pack were my two sons belonged. Service will likely do things that are of interest to me – making our organization stronger and continuing to build on our legacy at the ranch.”

Caitlin Lowe (Lincoln NE).

Current Position: Service & Membership Committee Member.

Years/Positions on Staff: PC (2007-08), NPS (2009), CD Fish Camp, Abreu, Beaubien (2010-12), Backcountry Mgr. (2013)

“Within the past two years I have worked a variety of jobs, three of which were nonprofit organizations including the Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska Cornhusker Council, and currently at the Nature Explore Program. In addition to immeasurable value of what I learned while on staff at Philmont, my previous job experiences have fueled my authentic passion to give, support, and care for the communities in my life. Lastly, like many, I have a healthy sense of urgency to stay actively involved in the Philmont community and provide an outlet for others to do the same. I look forward to continuing work with the PSA in a capacity that will best suit the group and its members.”

Mitch Standard (Macomb IL).

Current Position: Central Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1984), PC Miners (1985).

“I have sat on our church council in various capacities including the positions of president and vice president of our congregation. Along with my wife I am currently heading up the committee for the PSA giving campaign for the Building HOmE: The PSA Offices and Philmont Museum Expansion project. I assisted with the planning of the 2015 Iowa PSA Reunion tracing the footsteps of Waite Phillips. I’ve given many presentations to local Scout units for general information and training for their treks to Philmont.”

Scott Tritt (Dayton OH).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: CHQ Services (1979)

“My Scouting experience encompasses Den Leader, Cubmaster, Woodbadge training and for the past 17 years I have been an Assistant Scoutmaster. I was a council contingent leader for Florida Seabase twice and Philmont twice. I have participated in four PSA treks. I would like to serve on either the service or development committees; supporting the staff Amigos program is something I would like to expand on.”

Southern Region

Charles Aldredge (Lewisville TX).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1976), Training Ranger (1977), CD Cyphers Mine (1978), Asst. Chief Ranger (1979-80).

“My professional responsibilities centered around coordinating folks with different tasks and abilities, from different companies and a wide variety of client types to achieve a common goal- compromise was a must, sometimes with gentle urging into the “right” decision. I have served on and led training staff and advisory groups within my company and professionally, and have had presentation and speaking roles at conferences and marketing opportunities. Being retired, I now have free time, and more importantly, an open schedule, to spend how I wish. I don’t think I have any compelling reason to pick any one committee in which to participate – hat with the free time allows me to be flexible.”

Amy Hall (Edmond OK).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Small Fry Director (1996-97), Asst. PTC Program Director (1998, 2000-01), Fall Session/Tooth of Time Traders (2001), PTC Program Co-Director (2003-04).

“As an educator, I donated a great deal of my personal time serving on various committees within the school and to several events outside of the school to connect with my students. I am looking forward to my oldest child joining Cub Scouts (soon!) and being able to volunteer in some capacity with his pack. I would gladly serve on the Membership Committee if elected as a board member. I am organized, outgoing and, as a former PTC staffer, I could offer my time and energy to represent and recruit members from all parts of the ranch.”

Dr. Dan Miller (New Smyrna Beach FL).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Physician (2006-16), PTC Faculty (2005-16).

“Practicing medicine (ophthalmology) in New Smyrna Beach FL, since 1985. Scoutmaster in 3 World Jamborees, Camp Lanoche physician 1996-present. Seeking District Chairman of our local BSA district, Executive Committee Central Florida Council 1996-present, faculty at PTC, Philmont Ambassador. I am very close to retirement. This is a chance to serve BSA and PSA.”

Joy Pendley (Norman OK).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1985-86).

“Most recently I served on the Norman Public School Sexual Assault Taskforce where we developed policy around curriculum and response for schools in the district. I have facilitated search conferences for the OKC Homeless Alliance, the Chickasaw Nation and the OU Center for Social Justice. This kind of planning experience gives me something to contribute the PSA and Philmont. I would be useful in developing programs under the Service Committee, such as the Amigos program or reunions or events.”

Western Region

Thomas Giugni (Fairfield CA).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: NAYLE Faculty (2007-10), Philmont Leadership Challenge Faculty (2011-13), Logistics Trip Planner (2011-12), Logistics Mgr. (2013-16).

“Unlike many members of our association, I did not find out about Philmont until I was an adult Scouter and did not have an opportunity to join the PSA until I began to serve as volunteer faculty at the Training Center. Presently, I serve as a Council Executive Board Member-at-large, Council Youth Protection Champion and the chair of the Leadership Development Task Force with Scouting U at the BSA National Office. I am exposed to hundreds of new seasonal staff members who are not yet members of the PSA. I will be available to personally assist in the recruiting of new seasonal staff members as members of the PSA, as well as help in PSA recruiting activities during the summer.”

Ryan King (Fairfield CA).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: OATC Foreman (1997-98), Conservation Asst. Director (1999), Director of Conservation (2000-02), Special Projects Mgr. (2003), Assoc. Director of Program (2004-05).

“I’ve served on several nonprofit and city boards and as an executive director. I’ve recently gone through an Executive Nonprofit Leadership Program at Harvard and understand the interworking of a nonprofit. I also just joined the Board of Directors of the American Hiking Society. As a nonprofit Executive Director, I feel I can bring a skillset, which lends to understanding the administrative side of an organization, and an understanding of what a staff goes through.”

Piper Niehaus (Denver CO).

Current Position: Communications Committee Member

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (2006-2008), Ranger Trainer (2009), Rayado Trek Coordinator (2010).

“I have been living in Denver and working for technology companies as a product manager and web developer. My experience in web development would be an asset, since much of the communication between the PSA and its members is remote. Additionally, I’m a board member at Bikes Together, Denver’s nonprofit community bike center, giving me insight into the challenges that nonprofits face. I have also been leading backpacking trips for urban youth as a guide for Big City Mountaineers.”

Michael Waggoner (Centerville UT).

Current Position: Western Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Conservation (1994-95), Ranger (1998-2005).

“I have previously served for 6 years on the PSA and will continue to be involved and help accommodate growth and change within the organization. I helped create the $19.73 club. I think it is important to always be thinking outside of the box and come up with new ways to grow the organization. I will commit to attending the conference calls, regional reunions and when possible the annual reunions.”

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