2020–2022 Board Nominee Bios

The following nominees have been proffered by the Nominating Committee.

For additional nominees to be added to the ballot, the nominee’s name and biographical sketch (similar to these), together with supporting signatures of at least 25 active association members, must be submitted to the PSA Office no later than July 1, 2019.

Ballots will be mailed to all members on July 5, 2019.

See the election timeline and a brief listing of all nominees.

National Officer Nominees


Daniel F. Miller, M.D., R.Ph. (New Smyrna Beach FL).

Current Position: Southern Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: 2006-2019.

Scouting and Philmont run deep in my family, beginning when I became an Eagle Scout, OA Vigil member, and OA section chief. My son is an Eagle Scout and my daughter was a Philmont Ranger. My wife Cynthia and I are both Silver Beaver recipients.

Having recently retired, I can devote plenty of time and energy to PSA. I bring two decades of experience to PSA leadership: Wood Badge ,Jamboree Scoutmaster and Jamboree staff(four National Jamborees and three World Jamborees). I have served on the BSA National Health and Safety Committee, been on medical staff at council camps and the Bechtel Reserve, and have been an advisor on many Philmont treks, including Kanik and Autumn Adventure.

The basis for my PSA membership is two-fold: both PTC and Camping. I have served as a Philmont “Doc” for many seasons and am now with the Philmont infirmary and PTC for another full summer. Being a current member of the staff provides me with unique insights into Philmont’s operations.

I will bring that experience and Philmont enthusiasm to PSA’s sustained service to its members and projects with our most important partner: Philmont Scout Ranch. I want to build upon my predecessors’ many accomplishments as we bring PSA up to a very significant milestone: its first half century in 2023.

We all should have one thing in common. We want to help BSA and Philmont.

Some of my past Scouting career:1. Three Philmont treks 2. 8 Autumn Adventures, 3 Three Kaniks(Winter Adventure), 4.Philmont staff-Physician, 2006,2007,2008,2010,2013,2014,2014,2015. 5.PTC Physician 2016-2019(Volunteer -no pay), 6.Central Florida Council NESA Honoree 2017, 7. served 3 years on the National BSA Health and Safety Committee, 8. Asst Med Director Summit -2014-2016


Matt Lindsey (Tyler TX).

Current Position: Treasurer.

Years/Positions on Staff: Wrangler (1987).

My name is Matt Lindsey and I am from Nacogdoches, Texas. I am asking for your vote for President of the PSA. I am a professor and Chair of the Management and Marketing Department in the college of business at Stephen F. Austin State University. Being a part of the PSA has been extremely rewarding over the last 20 years. My first interactions with the PSA was with some of the early service projects the PSA sponsored. Notably the trout project on the Ponil. It was the first time that I realized that the passion of members of the organization had the ability to positively impact the ranch. Since then I have witnessed countless instances of the PSA being able to support the current staff and the ranch either from service or financial support.

I have been continuously registered in scouts since I was 7. I have been the scoutmaster in two troops for a total of 9 years. In the OA, I served as a chapter adviser for 7 years, the Tejas Lodge Adviser for 4 years and I am in my second year as the section adviser for area SR-2. In addition to taking my troop to Philmont, I have been a Jamboree scoutmaster twice and took crews to Sea Base and Northern Tier multiple times.

I will complete my 16th trek at Philmont this summer with my troop, so I have actually spent more time as a camper at Philmont than on staff. However, I had the great fortune to work in the ranch department as a wrangler in 1987. Two of the men that taught me about working the ranch are literally legends but Ben Vargas and Rod Taylor certainly demonstrated to me (and many of you as well, I bet) what it meant to be a part of the Philmont family.

In 2007 I completed a PSA trek. Cathy Hubbard was on that trek. I seem to remember her asking me one day on the trail if I might want to get involved with the PSA and the first night back at PTC she introduced me to Jack Persons, the treasurer at the time. I have been on the PSA Finance Committee since that day. I served as the Treasurer for the past 6 years. In that time, in coordination with the executive director, the board and the finance committee, I have actively managed the operating budget of the organization. This has been a very good position to become intimately familiar with how the PSA functions and works. It also made it clear to me how great our membership is at supporting our organization. I also have been able to see the working foundation of the organization as established by our early leaders who put our current structure in place.

My goal as president would be to continue the legacy of growth of my predecessors and to continue to ensure that that the PSA is a steadfast partner supporting Philmont, the current seasonal staff, and Ranch Management. I think it is tremendously important to work diligently to keep our operating costs as low as possible so that the maximum percentage of each gift goes to actually impacting the ranch, a PSA project or current staff. Furthermore, it will be very important to me to empower our officers, board, and executive director and staff to achieve the goals and mission of the PSA. We have many very strong and active committees that have serving the ranch as their main goal. As president, it would be my job to enable them to impact as many stakeholders as possible. I have been very involved with the board and executive committee for the last six years, so I believe I am very informed about all projects and issues facing our organization. I think being on the executive board provided me some great insight that would be hard to obtain any other way.

Please give me your vote for President of the Philmont Staff Association.



Vice President—Membership*

Denice Toney (Highlands Ranch, CO).

Current Position: None

Years/Positions on Staff: 1990–1996: Trading Post, Phillip’s Junction, Cito EPC, Apache Springs CD.

After leaving Philmont, which was right after I graduated from UT Austin with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I started a job in Dallas with a consulting company doing computer application programming during the IT boom of the late 90s. My husband, Scott, and I only spent a few years in the Dallas area before we decided to move to Denver to be close to the mountains. We love all of the outdoor activities here all year long and it has given us the opportunity to visit Philmont at least once a year and be involved with the PSA over the years. Scott and I have two daughters, Iris (age 16) and Lillian (age 14) who also get to experience Philmont with us. Throughout my career I have worked in computer application and data analytics roles. Currently I work at Comcast supporting their data analytics needs in the marketing team. In my roles I interact with the business team members to understand and translate their business needs into technical details to provide them the best solution for their needs. These roles have developed my communication, organization, and coordination skills, which will be valuable on the PSA Board. In addition, my work with data analytics give me the skills to help analyze our data in order to improve our recruiting and membership activities. Seeing how the PSA has grown over the last 15 years, I’m excited to be a part of that continued growth.

Vice President—Service*

Bryan Delaney (Asheville, NC).

Current Position: Vice President of Service.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1998-2003), Camping Projects Mgr. (2004-2010).

In addition to one term as the VP of Service, he has served as a Southern Region and National Director of the PSA. He has also served in a leadership role for various PSA reunions and service projects. Professionally, he is the Program Director of a wilderness program for “at risk youth”. He serves on the Outdoor Behavioral Council, and is involved in various community organizations in the Asheville area.

Vice President—Development*

Mitch Standard (Macomb, IL).

Current Position: Vice President of Development.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1984), PC Miners (1985).

I have sat on our church council in various capacities including the positions of president and vice president of our congregation. Along with my wife I am currently heading up the committee for the PSA giving campaign for the Building HOmE: The PSA Offices and Philmont Museum Expansion project. I assisted with the planning of the 2015 Iowa PSA Reunion tracing the footsteps of Waite Phillips. I’ve given many presentations to local Scout units for general information and training for their treks to Philmont.


Anne Marie Pinkenburg (Ft. Worth, TX)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1992-1997) Autumn Adventure Guide (1997).

I previously served as one of the PSA’s Southern Region Director. I have also been involved with the Scholarship Committee and the Awards and Recognition Committee. I am excited about the possibility of serving on the Board again, but in a new capacity. My goal as Secretary would be to contribute my thoughts and ideas to the Executive Board, and to accurately record PSA business. I would like to support the PSA in future growth and connecting former staff with the Ranch in as many ways as possible.

Charlie Aldredge (Lewisville TX).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1976), Training Ranger (1977), CD Cyphers Mine (1978), Asst. Chief Ranger (1979-80).

Philmont has been key to many of the great things in my adult life. Besides the many memories and friends made on the Ranch, my wife, Beverly (Lewis) and I met at Philmont when she was on staff 78-80. I graduated from Texas A&M in ’82 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, then completed my Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering in ’84. After 31 years of practice I retired in 2015. During the past 15 years I was senior project manager and supervisor for a 50-person group of engineers and architects for industrial, military and transit building projects. During this time, I was responsible for creating annual budgets for both my company and various projects and clients. I was also responsible for coordinating contracts for both design services and construction projects. In my roles with my work in engineering and construction, I have been responsible for maintaining contracts and budgets for projects from a $5,000-$10,000 range to projects over $500 million.

* National Officer nominees having been proffered by the Nominating Committee.

All other National Officer nominees added via nomination and at least 25 valid signatures of currently registered members of the association.

National Director Nominees

Seven to be elected – listed as drawn by lot.

Annaliese Parker (Saratoga, CA)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: NAYLE staff in 2008 and 2014. PTC staff 2012-2014.

I am a product of the Venturing program. I am a former National Venturing President and currently a National Venturing Committee member as the Relationships Chairman. My experience in scouting allowed me to impact another non-profit during college named the Society of Women Engineers. I worked my way up through the organization as a VP of Corporate Affairs, Event Planner, and eventually Section President of my collegiate section. I also worked on the Regional Level. During my tenure with SWE I was able to double our operating budget and help create new recruiting practices to grow our section and event attendance. I would like to apply the skills I’ve learned in scouting and SWE to grow the PSA membership to be diverse and help bring fresh ideas to the membership team.

David Wilson (Orem, UT).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: LDS Chaplain and Chaplain Coordinator (2002-2014), PTC Faculty (2005-2009).

CEO for non-profit organization emphasizing energy efficiency and conservation. Active Scouter locally, regionally and nationally. Active blogger for BSA Venturing program. I actively help recruit staff each year through job fairs at the Brigham Young University and association with past staff.

Tim Rosseisen (Breckenridge CO).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1984), Climbing PC (1985-1987), Head Rock Dean Cow (1988), CD Dean Cow, Cimarroncito (1989-90), CD Beaubien (1991-92), Health Lodge Chief of Support (1993), Health Lodge Support Staff (1995).

I have served the PSA as Vice President of Service and National Director, overseeing reunions, scholarships. and staff scholarship committees, as well as reunions at the ranch. I also serve as Philmont’s Fly Fishing Invitational chairman, and the chairman for Philmont’s wounded veterans fishing program (helping wounded veterans from across the country with PTSD and TBI). I would like to serve on the Service Committee to help with reunions as well as the Long-Range Strategic Planning Committee I recently helped facilitate.

Jenn Hancock (South Lake Tahoe, CA)

Current Position: None. Years/Positions on staff: PTC Faculty 2018 and Woodbadge Training Guide at PTC 2018.

My family and I have enjoyed adventures at Philmont for so many years, and I would love to work with the PSA to ensure the legacy of the Association spreads. As the National Venturing Subcommittee chair, I have the opportunity to work with so many talented young adults who have built a strong foundation for their futures by staffing at Philmont. Working with the Association to continue to provide outreach and support to these young adults would be one of my top priorities.

Jon Copeland (Bartlesville, OK)

Years/Positions on staff: 1992/1993 Ranger, 1994 Logistics.

During my career, I have served as front line supervisor in the patrol division, supervisor of the investigation division, and currently am part of the upper/senior administration. I have budgeting experience as the sheriff’s office operates on a 4.5 million dollar annual budget. Additionally, I assist in the supervision of day-to-day operations for our staff of 65 employees; this includes the patrol and transport divisions, administrative division, and detention center. Currently, I am on the technology committee. I intend to continue learning and supporting the “backside” of the website and online store. Through my employment, I have experience in managing our social media Facebook page and serve as the public relations contact. These insights will provide the know-how to increase member interaction on the various social media platforms used by the PSA. This could potentially increase participation in the variety of PSA events at the ranch as well as serve as a platform for regional activities to be communicated.

Mike Mazzocco (Champaign, IL)

Current position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: 1971 Beaubien/PC, 1974 Ponil/PC, 1975 Ponil/Wrangler.

Hoping to elevate my service to help implement improved visibility, communication, and usability of the Planned Giving program of the PSA Development Committee, which I have been a part of, and which aims to build an endowment for funding ongoing activities of the PSA over many years. Also planning to continue investing in relationships with ranch management to build on the continuing success of the current and prior PSA boards. I have both for-profit and not-for-profit board experience, especially in development, finance, investment policy, and strategy.

Steve Rick (Cimarron, NM)

Current Position: None.

Steve served six summers on the Philmont staff, first as a Ranger in 1978, and then as a Program Counselor at Pueblano, Crater Lake, Black Mountain, Beaubien, and Rayado, concluding his service in 1984. He also served on the Kanik winter program staff. He has served previous terms on the PSA Board of Directors. He represented the PSA on the Ranch Committee’s Rayado Task Force. Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in forestry and is a self-employed property manager, knife maker, and silversmith in Cimarron. He is a past president of the Maverick Club, an organization that organizes the yearly 4th of July rodeo in Cimarron. Steve currently serves as the Chase Ranch Foundation Board Vice-President.

Jake Koch (Cimarron, NM).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PC (2010-12), CD (2013-15), Autumn (2014 & 15), Winter (2016), PSA (2016).

Since 2016 I have been a full-time employee at the Tooth of Time Traders. I am currently in my second term as President of the Cimarron Civic Club. While working seasonally at the PSA office I gained a firm understanding of operations. I look forward to the opportunity to assist in supporting past, present and future staff as well as Philmont itself in another capacity!

Phil Winegardner (Overland Park KS).

Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1969), Training Ranger (1970), CD Fish Camp (1971-72), CD Baldy Town (1973), CD Cimarroncito (1974).

I believe working for two large international firms for the past 35 years has provided me with a great ability to work and cooperate with others across a wide base – both geographically and across age generations. Serving now as a National Director, I have assisted on both the Administrative and Service Committees. I currently serve as the Coordinator for the PSA Summer Trek, the PSA Volunteer Vacation, and the PSA PhilBreak.

Randy Saunders (Albuquerque, NM)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: 1990 – Phillips Jct Commissary Clerk, 1991 – Baldy Camp Program Counselor, 1993 – Logistics Staff, 1994 – Apache Springs Camp Director.

I have worked for non-profits for my whole professional career, mostly with the Boy Scouts of America. As the Executive Director of the Philmont Staff Association, I was involved with the day to day operation of a non-profit, including fiscal controls, budget planning, event organization, and recruitment of volunteers and new members. I have a wealth of experience and training in the skills necessary to make a non-profit successful. I am interested in serving on the Administration Committee. While the other committees are also appealing, I know there is always a shortage of people willing to serving on the Admin Committee. I also have plenty of experience that will make me a valuable contributor to this committee.

Jim Thomas (Denver, CO).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: 1977-78 Ranger, 1980 Logistics, 1981 CD Apache Springs.

My 36-years’ experience as a business lawyer and trusted advisor for some great private companies has given me a variety of skills that I can apply to help the PSA, foremost among them is my ability to help set goals, create plans for achieving those goals, and then lead those plans to completion. Stewardship of your environment is a responsibility Scouting taught me. I am an active steward of our Denver community where I hold or have held leadership and development positions in nonprofits involved in the arts, education, child abuse prevention, and the physical environment, as well as a couple of roles in the BSA’s Denver Area Council. A Presbyterian elder, I have served my church in many ways, including long term planning and twice leading a pastor nominating committee. I reconnected with the Ranch and many dear friends when I became a PSA member in the early 2000s. I watched with pride as the PSA grew into an indispensable partner of Philmont. I have skills to help that country that I love and the young people who follow in our footsteps in the best job around: Philmont Staff. I would be honored to serve as a National Director.

Lee Huckstep (Houston, TX/Taos, NM)

Current Position: Current Position: National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: HQ Food Service (1971), Cimarroncito Commissary Manager (1972), Postmaster (1974), Assistant Registrar (1976), Camp Director, Phillips Junction, 1977.

My record of proven, quality service to the PSA supports my candidacy for National Director. I organized and co-hosted the 2018 PSA Christmas Party in Houston and coordinated the 2018 PSA Reunion in Tulsa. I coordinated the Celebration of the Lives of Waite and Genevieve Phillips in Los Angeles in 2013 and the original 2012 PSA Reunion in Tulsa. I coordinated the PSA Weekend at the Summit in 2015. Additionally, I founded the PSA Trek in 1986 and subsequently coordinated 11 PSA Treks. I founded the Exchange Program with the Northern Tier and Sea Base alumni associations and coordinated 3 Canoe Voyages and 2 Coral Reef Sailing Adventures. I have hosted and co-hosted regional reunions in Houston and Taos. I am retired and live in Houston during the winter and Taos during the summer. I spend my time with my two dogs, gardening, reading and volunteer service to my church, the PSA, and the Bureau of Land Management at the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument near Taos.

Sarah Burgess (Orange, CA).

Current Position: Scholarship Committee Chairwoman and National Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (2003-04), Ranger Trainer (2005), Rayado Trek Coord. (2006), Assoc. Chief Ranger (2007-2009), Sustainability Resource Specialist (2010-11), STEM Educator Coord. (2013-14), Assoc. Director of Conservation for Environmental Education (2015-16).

Currently I work as Program Director-Development and Logistics at Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center, an Orange County Council BSA property in southern California. I am fortunate to have many past adventurous environmental education jobs that have crossed paths with other PhilStaff away from the Ranch. Working in program development strengthens my contributions to the PSA and I have really enjoyed a close connection with another nonprofit outside of my job. I love working with the Scholarship Committee and am looking forward to planning the upcoming PSA Anniversary Events, like the Conservation Department’s 50th in 2021!

Christine Salisbury Sammons (Omaha, NE).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (2005-06), Ranger Trainer (2007-08), Assoc. Chief Ranger (2009-10), Chief Ranger (2011-13), Outfitting Services Manager (2014).

My experience as Philmont Staff has led me to the Professional Scouting career path as Camping Director. I provide leadership to the summer camp operations and camping properties in the Mid-America Council. It would be an honor to serve on the PSA Board and work together to support Philmont.

Regional Officer Nominees

Two from each region to be elected – listed randomly by region.

Northeast Region

Ken Davis (Alexandria VA).

Current Position: Northeast Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC Dining Hall, Tent City, Asst. Secretary, Asst. Program Mgr. (1960-63, 1965-66)

I have sixty-four years registered with the BSA including Scoutmaster, Trek Leader, District Commissioner, Council Training Chairman, Council and Region Boards. Member of the National OA Committee since 1974. Retired from Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and as a Colonel in the US Army. Served as a PSA Board Member since 2005. I have managed administrative offices at DLA and in Vietnam. I am the author of the “History of the PSA” (2010) and the recent BSA publication, “A History of Wood Badge in the United States” (2018).

James DeLair (Buffalo, NY)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: Seasonal Support Staff-High Adventure Chaplain (Protestant) 2008-2011 and 2013-2015.

As a professional educator, my background strongly focuses on organizational management and systems. In addition to my teaching I also serve as the supervisor of student activities. This position oversees all extra-curricular activities that are not sport. This includes but is not limited to: membership, budget and finance, fund raising, short term and long-term sustainability and planning. I am willing to commit to conference calls and attend regional and ranch-based reunions.

Rick Touchette (Coeymans NY).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Ranger (1971), PC Cyphers, Miranda, Urraca (1972-75), CD Abreu, Fish Camp (1976-77).

Member of the Albany County Legislature representing the 37th Legislative District, which is coterminous with the Town of Coeymans. My 34 years of not-for-profit management leadership and my service on local and national boards, including the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, provides broad and diverse experience for the PSA board service. I have participated in a number of PSA treks and Northern Tier exchange programs, regional reunions, the L.A. and two Tulsa reunions.

Catherine Crouch Mirick (Wellesley, MA)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: 1991 Ranger Clerk, 1992 – Ranger, 1993 – Training Ranger, 1994 – Asst. Chief Ranger.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the PSA weeklong reunions at the ranch twice and went on a PSA trek in 2016 while my daughter was on a STEM trek. I’ve maintained my connection with the Scouts as an advisor for my daughter’s Venture Crew and as an active parent in my son’s troop.  I’m also the leader of our high school Girl Scout troop – where 5 of our 12 seniors are earning their Gold Awards this year. I’ve worked for years with youth and adults helping them get outside and expand their leadership skills. I see this position as a way to continue my connection with Philmont and help others build & maintain their connections.

Central Region

Scott Tritt (Dayton OH).

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: CHQ Services (1979)

My Scouting experience encompasses Den Leader, Cubmaster, Woodbadge training, and for the past 17 years I have been an Assistant Scoutmaster. I was a council contingent leader for Florida Seabase twice and Philmont twice. I have participated in seven PSA treks. I would like to serve on either the service or development committees; supporting the staff Amigos program is something I would like to expand on.

Dave DeHart (St. Albins, WV)

Current Position: None.

Years/Position on Staff: Welcome Center 2015, Medical Recheck Coordinator 2016-2018.

I’ve experienced Philmont as both a youth and an adult. The love established in 1968 of this wonderful place has been a part of me throughout my life. Philmont provided me the wherewithal to know I could conquer many challenges. At my sales position with GE Healthcare, I had to prove myself everyday to be a self-starter, to follow through, to be the customers’ resource, and to make the sale, but more importantly to keep that customer for many years through great service. It is through the tenacity of going after the prize, setting goals and accomplishing those goals that will benefit me in other causes. Some of my very best friends are fellow “ole guys” who have worked on the Philmont Staff over the past four years.

Dave Fromm (Mission Hills, KS)

Current Position: none.

Years/Positions on staff: 1977 – Camping Dining Hall Manager.

I joined the PSA in 2004 and have attended PSA annual meetings and completed a PSA trek almost every year since then. I am a member of the President’s Circle and I served on the 2018 Tulsa Reunion staff. I “pinch” myself every time I return to Philmont as I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy all Philmont has to offer, including all the wonderful people associated with it. I have worked in international business, manufacturing management, and consulting. I served as a councilman (1999-2001) and mayor (2001-2009) of my Kansas City suburb of Mission Hills. I am currently in charge of a summer internship program for college students interested in a career in risk management. I have also served on the finance committee at my church and as a director of Junior Achievement. I am an Eagle Scout.

Brad Plumb (Overland Park, KS)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: 1971: Clear Creek Program Counselor 1972: Cimarron Cito, Assistant Camp Director, 1972 & 1973: Crater Lake, Camp Director.

I have served on numerous volunteer committees through Scouting as well as in my community and in my profession. I feel strongly about the mission and the direction of the Philmont Staff Association and would be honored to serve. As a past board member I have participated in both board meetings at Philmont as well as regional meetings and conference calls. I am more than happy to travel as necessary to fulfill my duty.

Southern Region

Doug Latimer (Georgetown, TX)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: PTC (2011), Backcountry Warehouse Manager (2016 – 2019)

In 1973 when returning home to Oklahoma from the National Scout Jamboree in Idaho our Troop spent the night in base camp. Since then I have been fortunate to participate in 9 treks, attend Wood Badge, Staff Wood Badge and work at Philmont.

Over the last 25 years I have served as my Troop Committee Chairman, Charter Organization Rep, started a Venture Crew, Crew Advisor, District Advancement Chairman, Council High Adventure Chairman, Wood Badge Staff and as a Philmont Ambassador.

I have been active with the service committee since 2010 on the PSA treks, exchange treks with Northern Tier, local reunions, Christmas parties and the Tulsa Reunions.

In our community I have served as a leader of our Church and on the local Blood Bank Community Board. I’m retired from the transportation industry.

This is the beginning of my 4th summer working with the Backcountry Staff as the Backcountry Warehouse Manager. Being on staff currently gives me a chance to interact with the younger PSA members who have ideas for the future of the PSA. I would be honored to serve on the PSA Board.

Jim Lynch (San Antonio, TX)

Current Position: Immediate Past President.

Years/Position on Staff: Ranger ‘77, ‘78, PTC Staff 2016, 2018. Former Position: President( 2008-2013).

I have been involved with the PSA and the Board since 2004 and served two terms as President. I would like to return to the board to continue to contribute to the growth of the association and its important mission of serving the people, place and programs that are Philmont. I retired from the USAF in the grade of Colonel after a 23-year career focused on Command and Control and the Program Management of large weapons systems. I currently work part time at a trans-Atlantic defense policy think tank. I also serve on my council’s executive board, am the Vice Chair of Programs for the National Venturing SubCommittee, and the Southern Region’s Area 3 Commissioner.

Kristi Noble (Garfield, AR)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: Handicraft Lodge Manager 1985 & Health Lodge Nurse 1993.

At Philmont we were stretched beyond self-expectations to accomplish more than we imagined. We learned invaluable skills that have helped us, as a whole, to lead lives filled with achievements and service that, more times than not, can be traced back to our Philmont beginnings. That’s part of why I hope to become involved with scholarships for campers and seasonal staff – to help them with their Philmont beginnings. I’ve been fortunate enough to assist with a scholarship committee in the past and have witnessed the life-changing effects even a little belief and assistance can produce in people. I’ve taken full advantage of participation in over 30 PSA activities, including reunions, summer treks, Autumn Adventures, Volunteer Vacations, and New Year’s gatherings. I believe this enables me to provide some background experience, knowledge and motivation to help ensure we continue to offer great opportunities for adventure and service to our current and future members. Planning and coordinating events and service projects may have seemed daunting in the past, but I’ve now worked with teenagers at homecoming dances, church youth providing baby-sitting as a fundraiser, and Girl Scouts who once believed “going to the mall” is a legitimate service project. I believe I’m up to the task!

Rick Davison (Katy, TX)

Current position: None.

Years/Positions on Staff: Visiting Geologist 2010-2018.

Stella, my wife, and I spent our time at Philmont serving as volunteer geologists and trainers for the last 10 years (Cypher’s Mine, French Henry and Baldytown). That has allowed us to view firsthand the difference made by Philmont in the lives of participants and staff. We see a responsibility to pay this back to the current generation of Philmonters and to pay it forward to the next generation of people whose lives will be changed forever by their time at HOmE. In addition to our volunteer Scouting activities, we are Certified Interpretive Guides, Texas Master Naturalists, and Leave No Trace Master Educators. We are returning to Philmont this summer.

Western Region

Dr. Bob Wettemann (Colorado Springs, CO)

Current position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: PC, Beaubien, 1992.

I currently serve as an associate professor in history at the United States Military Academy and advise the reinstated USAFA Philmont Ranger Program. I also serve on the National Scouting Museum Advisory Committee. Above all else, I recognize the importance of “friendraising” and encouraging partnerships with other constituent groups (like the former Service Academy Rangers) that will add to the dynamism of the PSA and the Ranch.

Rick Kagawa (Hunting Beach, CA)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: PTC Faculty: 2000, 2007, 2011, PTC Faculty Kodiak on Mountain Trek 2008-2009.

I am a member of the Building HoME Fundraising Campaign Committee and PSA Development Committee. I would like to help raise more funds for PSA capital fundraising campaigns and build on the PSA Endowment Accounts. The more donations we have, the more we can help Philmont. Another goal of mine is to get more membership in the PSA through communicating how the PSA serves the place we all love, Philmont.

Tim Greminger (Graham, WA)

Current Position: None.

Years/Positions on staff: USAFA Ranger: 1989-1991.

I fell in love with Philmont on my first trek as a scout, vowing to return as often as possible. Today I look forward to giving back to the Ranch and the PSA because Scouting and Philmont have opened many doors in my life. We each have time, a talent, or treasure that we can share with the PSA to help support Philmont. Currently, I’m leading a membership recruiting campaign, reaching out to past service academy rangers to join the PSA and welcome them HOmE. After 25 years of flying strategic airlift to all corners of the globe, I retired from the USAF as a Lieutenant Colonel and I’m currently a B737 Captain. I also serve as an Assistant Scoutmaster and a Mountain SAR volunteer. 

Thomas Giugni (Fairfield CA).

Current Position: Western Region Director.

Years/Positions on Staff: NAYLE Faculty (2007-10), Philmont Leadership Challenge Faculty (2011-13), Logistics Trip Planner (2011-12), Logistics Mgr. (2013-18).

I first experienced Philmont as a crew advisor for my oldest son’s crew in 1997. Since then, I have trekked at Philmont 3 more times with both sons. In 2008, I retired from a 31 year career in law enforcement. Afterwards, I looked for ways to return to Philmont and serve the youth and adults who travel there each summer. Fortunately, I was able to serve as an adult volunteer for NAYLE (National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience) at Rocky Mountain Scout Camp for four summers and then as a member and manager of Logistics for 8 summers. Besides Philmont, I have served as a member of the board for a youth swim team for several years; I served as their chairman for 3 years. As a Scouter, I served as an Assistant Scout Master, Committee Chair, District Committee Chair, and Council VP of Program. I currently serve as an advisory member to the Mount Diablo Silverado Council, BSA located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Vice Chair for Leadership at Scouting U in Dallas. I am a current member of the Rotary Club of Fairfield-Suisun, CA, and served for 3 years as their Youth Director. I have served you and the PSA for 18 months as one of two Western Region Directors; during my tenure as WR Director, I have been an active member of the PSA Membership Committee. These experiences as well as my own leadership training and experience provide me with the skills to serve you and our PSA.

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