2022 psa Reunion

Gathering once again

Celebrating 50 Years of the Service Academy Ranger Program & Women Rangers

PSA Reunion’s are an opportunity to gather once again at Philmont Scout Ranch and reconnect with old tent mates, advisors, and spark new friendships. Share Philmont Scout Ranch with special people in your life and celebrate with family, friends, and all of us at the PSA.

When was the last time you were at Philmont? Was it when you served as a Ranger? Have you been fortunate enough to return on a trek with your son or daughter, or have you attended one of the sessions at the Philmont Training Center?

We invite all PSA members and their families to join us in 2022 for the Annual PSA Reunion. 2022 is the 50th Anniversary of the Service Academy Ranger Program and the Women Rangers . The schedule will include activities and programs suited for all members of the PSA, even if you didn’t have direct involvement with the Ranger Department over the years. PTC Family Adventure will be offered during the week leading up to the Reunion, so bring your families out early to experience the Philmont Adventure.


Service Academy Rangers


Women Rangers

Service Academy Rangers come from all walks of life with a vast assortment of backgrounds and life experiences.  One thing we all have in common is our willingness to serve a greater calling.  Service to this nation led each of us to our respective academies, and our love of the great outdoors and eagerness to teach the youth of this country helped guide our paths to Philmont.  Your diverse experiences and wilderness skills translated directly to servant leadership and the unique experiences you provided to Philmont trek participants.

Beginning in 1972, the U.S. Air Force Academy began sending cadets during summer training periods to Philmont to serve as Rangers.  The U.S. Naval Academy joined the program in 1986, with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy sending their first rangers in 1989.  In 1992, West Point joined the program, rounding out the Service Academy participation in the Ranger department that is still going strong today.

Service Academy Rangers provide a distinct Philmont experience to all trek participants, both youth and adult.  For many youth trek participants, their interaction with a Service Academy Ranger is their first personal connection with someone in the military that is relatively close to their age.  This single personal interaction leads many scouts to pursue a career in the military.  Not surprisingly, many of you were in a scouting program and were a Philmont trek participant before you were selected to attend your service academy.  We invite all Service Academy Rangers to help the PSA celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the incredible legacy of the Philmont Service Academy Ranger program and the long-lasting contributions that YOU made to Philmont.

The profile of a Philmont Woman Ranger is very diverse. We have all kinds of backgrounds and interests. We definitely are all free-spirited and adventurous. Sure we love to hike in the great outdoors, but more importantly we love to help crews embrace the great experiences Philmont offers. This is our common bond – love of helping others and love of Philmont. If we are really lucky, we meet our crews after the trek and get to experience their awe and excitement over what they were able to accomplish at Philmont.

Women Rangers add something very special to Philmont. We make that incredible Philmont experience something beyond “reaching manhood” or beyond the bond of “sisterhood.” We make Philmont a deeply moving HUMAN experience that expands out to include all.  Our presence on the trail makes that life-changing ten-day journey available to young women in a world that still does not offer these women many opportunities for that kind of growth.

We invite all Women Rangers to come help the PSA celebrate the 50th anniversary of the priceless legacy of the Philmont Women Rangers and the contribution that YOU made to that legacy.

Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force Rangers: Welcome HOmE!

Reunion Details

Cost: $33-$375 | Dates: July 20-24 2022 | Location: Philmont Training Center

Reunion Basics

When: July 20th-24th, 2022

Where: Philmont Training Center

Cost: Daily rate or 4-day full reunion fee offered, $33-$375. See options below.

Registration Deadline: July 11th, 2022

PSA Trek: July 24-31, 2022

You and your crew mates pick your backcountry itinerary

Participants must be 14 years old

*Registration for PSA Reunion and PSA Treks will be separate.

*Make sure you check out Summer Volunteer Vacation to extend your trip to Philmont.

Registration & Details

Requirement Checklist

Individuals must be a current member of the Philmont Staff Association or direct family member to attend the 2022 PSA Reunion.

All PSA Reunion attendees, whether it is 1 day, 2 days or all 4 days, MUST register through the PTC website.

All attendees must have Medical Forms A&B upon arrival. If you plan to hike the Tooth of Time you will need parts A, B, and C.

All attendees must have a negative covid test or full vaccination records upon check-in at the PTC.

All attendees must fill out the Health & Safety Code of Conduct.

You Can Help

In the past, Philmont has not kept a good record of the service academy rangers. We have changed the process going forward in 2019. However, we need your help in updating your information in our database to reflect your status as a service academy ranger. Please contact Liz Harper, the PSA Office Manager, at 575-376-1138 to update your information.

If you are on Facebook, please consider joining our group “Philmont Service Academy Rangers” to stay updated about upcoming events.

Above all else, the PSA values our fellowship and community of members and we aim to offer the best quality of reunion possible, while providing as much detail as available so you and your loved ones can plan to participate in the capacity in which you are able and comfortable to do so. Please refer to our FAQS if you have any further questions please contact [email protected] or call our office at 575-376-1138.

Payment & Refunds

Payment is made directly to Philmont at the above link

Philmont’s refund policy: ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. THEY CANNOT BE APPLIED TO FUTURE PSA TREKS OR EVENTS. Emergency situations will be handled by Philmont on an individual basis.

The PSA reserves the right to deny or revoke registration where appropriate.

July 20th-24th

2022 PSA Reunion

Registration is CLOSED!