2022 Reunion

The hike is highly requested and extra staff is needed to lead this hike.

We want you to be properly acclimated to altitude changes so that you can enjoy the hike fully

Trail starts at Ponil, goes in the direction of Pueblano along a ridge, and loops back to Ponil.

We will know closer to the reunion date, this event depends on the needs of the conservation department at the time of the reunion

Please email [email protected] to be upgraded or added to a waitlist. See all tent upgrade options under here camping and lodging.

Please visit philstaff.org and view our events page for up to date information on schedule changes and tent pricing.

You will need parts A&B to attend the reunion. If you plan on hiking the Tooth of Time you will also need part C. Fill out your medical forms here.

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To make any changes to your current registration please email [email protected] 

The Women Rangers Lunch is designed for current and former Women Rangers and will be a celebration of the 50th anniversary.  All registered participants will go through the same lunch line.  All participants not attending the lunch will eat, as usual, in the dining hall.  Those attending the Women Rangers Lunch will dine in the PTC Assembly Hall, which will be decorated for the occasion.  We are asking for registration to the Women Rangers Lunch so we can plan seating by decade.