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Mailing Lists and Forums

The PSA is proud to offer the PSA Message Board and three email lists. Please remember that these are multi-generational forums and that the people reading your messages can range from 13 to 90+ years of age. Therefore, we do ask that you keep your posts civil and that you abide by the Scout Law.

By subscribing to any list or message board, you agree that your posts and messages will be non-commercial in nature. If you have a product to sell or promote, please contact us regarding having a link included on this site in the “member links” area or about advertising in HIGH COUNTRY.

In all cases, subscriptions are required to post and messages to the mailing lists require that something be placed in the subject line.

The three email lists tot he right will open your email client so that you can send a message requesting that you be subscribed to that particular mailing list. Simply hit send after your email client opens and you will be subscribed. If this process does not work, send a blank message to the address shown below for the list you wish to subscribe.

To Subscribe

Send a message to “[insert list name][email protected]

To Unsubscribe

Send a blank message to “[insert list name][email protected]

Additonal Tools

Send a blank message to “[insert list name][email protected]

Other Lists

In addition to the PSA mailing lists and forums, the following lists are maintained by fellow PSA members and available as well.

Jay Jolicoeur’s PSA List

Post a message to the list.