PSA and Philmont Photographs

The easiest and quickest way for you to share your photos of Philmont and Philmont Staff activities is to join our groups on flickr: Philmont and Philmont Staff Association. Flickr allows you to create a free account to share your photos online with anyone. Organize and tag photos to make them easy for others to find.

We also maintain a few links to PSA related personal galleries. If you have one of your own, submit it, and we may post a link to it as well.

Cover Photography and Art

Soon we will be inviting submissions for your own photos to grace our opening page and header graphic. The guidelines aren’t solid yet, but assume that any photo will need to have a Philmont or PSA theme.

Past Covers

aspen fog cow milking high water beaubien
ranger tent city gate with lights tooth sunset
phil break ranger checkin ranger muster
rangers 50 aspen swoosh buffalo in snow
window rock gaze burros in snow

Photo Use and Attribution

Most of the pictures you see here or find in our email newsletter are taken by current and former PSA board members or by our membership at large and given to us for their use. We do make use of Flickr as a source from time to time. When we use Flickr–or similar sites–we endeavor to find pictures with an appropriate CC license. When a picture isn’t under such, we contact the owner by email to request permission for its use.

The PSA takes photo ownership and copyright seriously. If you find a photo we have used without permission or without proper CC license or just missing the attribution you requested please contact us at [email protected].