2013 Staff Amigos

More details on the Staff Amigo program.

This listing is updated regularly, but not instantly. Please understand that a department or camp may no longer be available even though it is listed as available below.  Cathy Hubbard will contact you regarding your selection and suggest alternates from her master list if yours is already taken. We endeavor to keep this online listing as up to date as possible.

Until you’ve been contacted directly, please don’t assume you’ve been assigned your first choice staff just because it’s no longer available below.

In 2013 how about spicing it up by picking a different staff group!

Mail packages to:
(Name of Staff)
Philmont Scout Ranch
47 Caballo Rd.
Cimarron, NM 87714

Last update: 10:10 am Mountain Time, Wednesday June 29th, 2013.

Note: Availability will probably not be updated again this season, but the links still work and Cathy will still keep track on her end. Thanks for making Amigos 2013 another great year.

Department or Camp Headcount Availability
Carson Meadows 6 Available
Cimarroncito 21 Available
Camping Headquarters
CHQ Security 12 Available
CHQ Services 22 Available
Trading Post Mgmt 14 Available
Trading Post Clerks 29 Available
Trading Post Whse 7 Available
CHQ Food Service 44 Available
CHQ Activities 22 Available
Health Lodge
Medics – 1st Round 6 Available
Medics – 2nd Round 6 Available
Medics – 3rd Round 6 Available
Training Crew 4 8 Available
Training Crew 5 8 Available
Training Crew 6 8 Available
Training Crew 13 8 Available
Training Crew 14 8 Available
Training Crew 16 8 Available
Training Crew 17 8 Available
Training Crew 18 8 Available
Training Crew 19 8 Available
Training Crew 20 8 Available
Training Crew 21 8 Available
Training Crew 22 8 Available
Academy Cadets
USMA 18 Available
USNA 20 Available
Conservation Dept
Work Crew 1 5 Available
Work Crew 2 5 Available
Work Crew 3 5 Available
Work Crew 4 5 Available
Work Crew 5 5 Available
Work Crew 6 5 Available
Work Crew 7 5 Available
Conservationists 18 Available
Environmental Education 8 Available
Admin/Special 11 Available
Cabin Restoration 5 Available
Ranch Dept
Bear Research 2 Available
Motor Pool 1 Available
Horsemen 8 Available
Wranglers – Clarks 24 Available
Wranglers – Ponil 24 Available
Philmont Training Center
Seasonal Admin 4 Available
PTC Food Service 29 Available
PTC Services 14 Available
Housekeeping 9 Available
C.O.P.E. 7 Available
Kit Carson 8 Available
Villa Staff 8 Available