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Philmont, Here’s (Giving Back) to Thee

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The Philmont Staff Association is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Financially, the PSA is a lean operation. Revenue comes from several sources, including membership dues, interest from investments, and merchandise. However, the largest contributor to the PSA’s yearly operation is YOU, though the Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund was started in 1999 to give our members an avenue to provide direct financial support to the Philmont Staff Association and its mission. Our support of Philmont, the seasonal staff, and the wilderness adventure depends on the success of the Annual Fund. In 2016, over 370 members contributed to the Annual Fund to raise a total of $80,697. Imagine how much more we could do for Philmont if 800 members gave to the Annual Fund? What about 1,200 members?

In 2017 we are 3,510 members strong. Please consider giving to the Annual Fund. Your contribution will provide dollars for scholarships for summer staff, deliver a quality newsletter in the High Country, and much more. You can contribute online through the store on this website. You can also send a check to the PSA office at Philmont.

If you have any questions concerning the PSA’s Annual Fund, please contact Mitch Standard, Vice President of Development, or Dollie O’Neill, PSA Director.

Thank you for your support!


Quite frankly, I owe more to the Ranch than I could hope to repay in a dozen lifetimes.

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Alex Ave

United States Foreign Service

When I reflect on the work done and yet to be done by the PSA, I think of a Waite Phillips quote: “The only things we keep permanently are those we give away.”

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Sarah Burgess

National Director, The Philmont Staff Association

I wish every young adult could have the opportunities I had at Philmont, so giving to the PSA in many capacities is my way of facilitating these experiences for future generations.

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Denice Toney

Member and Data Geek

Philmont and the PSA has influenced my music and my career in ways that I couldn’t have guessed when I first trekked on a Rayado crew in 1977.
Tom Munch

Musician, Self-employed

I chose to donate via the 1973 Club; every month, $19.73 is automatically deducted from my checking account. What an easy and painless way to support the PSA and Philmont Scout Ranch!
Tom Guigli

Logistics Manager, Philmont Scout Ranch

…I do what I can because, in truth, if I have a karmic debt to the universe for experiences that have shaped me into who I am, it is first to Philmont.
Mary Steuver


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It just feels good to stay involved and continue the traditions of Philmont Scout Ranch. More…
John Murphy


I won’t be subtle. We need your continued support. More…
David A. Wilson

Incoming National Director