Capital Campaign

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Building HOmE: The PSA Office and Philmont Museum Expansion Project


Building HOmE – ‘Heaven On (m) Earth’ – What an exciting time to be a member of the Philmont Staff Association!

The Tooth of Time evokes such emotion, introspection, and reminiscence of Philmont treks and adventures that there could not be a more fitting view from lobby and conference room of the new HOmE for the Philmont Staff Association. At its base the iconic “We All Made It” sign awaits intrepid trekkers completing a formative life experience, a threshold to the celebration of Closing Campfire. Much has happened on our own ‘trek’ in the three years since the invitation to construct our own stand-alone office as part of the Philmont Museum & Seton Memorial Library expansion project. This trek has secured us a prominent position in the landscape of Philmont from which to continue our mission of aiding Philmont and Philmont Staff past, present, and future, and we are so close to our own Closing Campfire.

The success of historic milestones, like this building, on our journey as the Philmont Staff Association are attributed to our members and their generous hearts. As plans took shape the PSA took on the challenge of raising $1.5 million to fund our building and help Philmont with construction of the new museum. Our building has completed construction and the newly expanded Philmont Museum and National Scouting Museum are happily open for eager visitors. Major mountain top moments on our Building HOmE trek include the dedication for our new building (July 7, 2018) and the dedication for the new National Scouting Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch (September 15, 2018). Philmont Staffers both past and present as well as Scouters from all over the United States have been served by both of these fine buildings since those two dedications! Like every trek at Philmont we have reveled in mountain top moments and faced formative challenges.

Waite Phillips knew that in pursuit of accomplishing anything worthwhile there would be obstacles to overcome. So when the Ute Park Fire caused the historic closure of Philmont’s Backcountry in the summer of 2018, we persisted in our mission to Philmont even though it meant setting our more immediate goals aside. The $1.5 million Building HOmE capital campaign was completely suspended in order to raise money for conservation and restoration efforts. Thank you to everyone who embraced “Page 1, Rule 6: ‘Scramble, Be Flexible’” to support the Philmont Fire Relief Fund with your donation. We are now ready to keep heading down our Building HOmE trail. The WAMI sign is in sight and we need your help to ensure we all make it to our closing campfire celebration.

We call on all of you, our PSA crew, to join us in the relaunching of the Building HOmE capital campaign as “BUILDING HOmE: The Closing Campfire”. We have just $382,000 left to go to reach the end of our trek!

We know that you love Philmont as much as we do, and we’re confident that you’ll want to do your part to help your Philmont Staff Association with this important project. By making a pledge today you can help ensure that we complete our commitment to Philmont.

We’re re-hitting the trail…

"Anyone not ready?"

(Recurring payments distributed over three years.)

Contribute a single amount rather than make contributions over a three year period.

One of the fondest memories of any Philmont trek is the feeling of accomplishment that your entire Crew feels as you celebrate at the Closing Campfire. The PSA is almost to that celebration at the end of our three year trek to close out a $1.5 million commitment to Philmont. Be a part of the Crew and support the vision for Philmont’s future by participating in the Philmont Staff Association’s “Building HOmE: The Closing Campfire” capital campaign. Only $382,000 left to go to reach the end of our Trek –we’re so close we can see the WAMI plaque and smell real, hot food in the dining hall! Please take this opportunity to be a part of the continuing history of Philmont by making a pledge today.

We’ve added some exciting new giving options. All new* pledges at the Rayado Ranger level will earn a personalized 8”x8” paver brick in the patio to be constructed at our PSA HOmE. All new* pledges at the Rancher Lucien Maxwell level will receive a special Cornerstone Paver in our new patio. Any new* pledges at the Explorer Kit Carson level will receive a special USGS style commemorative benchmark. A pledge of $1,000 at the Settler Gil Abreu level will still be recognized with a custom engraved Yeti travel mug. The Going the Extra Mile level is a sustaining giving level designed for those who have fulfilled their monthly giving pledge, and wish to continue for another year at their current giving level.

Your donation can be paid in monthly installments over the next two years. You do not have to pay your entire donation at once. More importantly, any pledge that you make will guarantee that you are doing your part to help build a great future for Philmont and the PSA. Just fill out the attached pledge card and return it to the PSA HOmE Office to help pave the way.

  • A minimum $500 pledge will ensure your text on one of the patio bricks*
  • A minimum pledge of $1,000 will ensure that you receive a custom engraved stainless steel Yeti travel mug
  • A minimum $3,000 pledge will ensure that you receive a PSA-branded USGS style benchmark
  • A minimum $5,000 pledge will ensure your text on one of the patio cornerstone pavers*

*You will be contacted by the PSA regarding the text of your brick once we get details from our brick maker.

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The Campaign4Philmont is the third capital campaign of the Philmont Staff Association in support of the Ranch. The first two highly successful ventures–to build the PSA Staff Dining Hall and the Silver Sage Staff Activity Center–focused on physical/programmatic needs of the Ranch that were specific to the staff itself. In this third campaign, larger than the first two combined, the scope has been broadened to meet Ranch needs in a variety of four venues–each one important to Philmont’s future.

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