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Building HOmE: The PSA Office and Philmont Museum Expansion Project

Building HOmE – ‘Heaven On (m) Earth’ – What an exciting time to be a member of the Philmont Staff Association! The Philmont Ranch Committee and Philmont management have invited us to construct our own standalone PSA office building as part of their Philmont Museum Expansion. Philmont has stated that the PSA is a vital partner and valuable asset and resource for the ranch as a whole and that they desire for the Philmont Staff Association to be even more visible and accessible on-site at the ranch.


This chance to have our own office building located at what Philmont is designing to be the central hub of visibility for Philmont, with their Philmont Museum Expansion is arguably one of the greatest opportunities the Philmont Staff Association has been afforded in our long history. This chance to move into our own building centrally located for all of Philmont is a great honor, compliment and vote of confidence paid to us by Philmont.


Philmont’s architect has drawn up plans to insure our PSA office blends into and flows smoothly with the new museum complex. The museum expansion will triple the size of the current museum to 7,700 square feet and will include a new 2,800 square foot gallery, modern reading and archive scholar rooms, interactive community program room, and expanded research capabilities. The PSA’s offices will include several offices, a reception area and a large meeting room. One of the best features of our building will be the fact that Philmont has honored us with a building location that has an amazing view of the Tooth of Time and Camping Headquarters from our front entryway and through a wall full of windows in our meeting room. The PSA offices will be connected to the Seton Museum by a new paved brick plaza that will provide a visually inviting entry to the Philmont museum complex.

Trekking at Philmont is a team effort. The whole crew pulls together. You all help each other out. You encourage your hiking partner. And, as a team, you make it up Baldy, to your next camp, over that Teams Course wall, and down that long trail along Tooth Ridge. When you get back to Base Camp your whole crew reaps the glory and stands proudly together under the sign that reads “We All Made It”! This PSA fundraiser will also be a team effort benefiting us all.

And now is where your help comes in. We have accepted the challenge from our PSA President, John Murphy, to raise $1.5 million. These funds will build and furnish our new PSA office building and help provide funding to Philmont for the Philmont Museum Expansion. Just think of how much we can accomplish together for future Philmont Staff members and the whole Philmont community through this exciting project. Won’t you help out our entire “Crew” and give as generously as you can?

As we are accustomed to asking before hitting the trail…

"Anyone not ready?"

(Recurring payments distributed over three years.)

Contribute a single amount rather than make contributions over a three year period.

Great men of vision, can you imagine what Philmont would be like today without them? What if there was never a Beaubien and Miranda Land Grant, what if Kit Carson and Jesus Gil Abreu had never had the vision to come to this great land? What if Waite Phillips had never donated the land that would become the Philturn Rockymountain Scoutcamp, and later Philmont Scout Ranch? What would Philmont be like if Norton Clapp, B.B. Dawson and Clarence Dunn had not had a vision and a goal in mind when they helped shape Philmont?

You can be a part of the vision for Philmont’s future by participating in the Philmont Staff Association’s next venture, Building HOmE: The PSA Office and Museum Expansion Project. This campaign will raise $1.5 million which will provide funding to assist with the Philmont Museum Expansion, as well as provide funding for the construction of the new PSA office building. You have the opportunity to be a part of history by making a pledge today.

  • A minimum $350 pledge will ensure your text on one of the paving bricks on the entry path to our PSA office*
  • A minimum pledge of $1,000 will ensure that you receive a custom engraved stainless steel Yeti travel mug

*You will be contacted by the PSA regarding the text of your brick once we get details from our brick maker.

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